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last week an observer Money Sergey Minaev has returned from a staff - company Microsoft apartments in Redmond, the State of Washington. There he was convinced that modern information technology could be created only Americans: only they so are interested in the information and want to be constantly on communication. However, now some interest to the information is available and in other countries. Including in Russia and including to the information about Microsoft.

Officially a staff - the company apartment is called campus Microsoft and really reminds the American university campus - lawns and low buildings of a red brick. Unless in difference, say, from Harward there is no memorial plate where it would be said that the first settlers have allocated some hundreds pounds for liquidation of illiteracy among colonists and development of sciences. And truth, money for a campus in Redmond, constructed in 1986, have allocated not the first settlers, and present inhabitants of America - Bill Gates and set of the American citizens owning actions Microsoft, and has Microsoft not several hundreds dollars - in 2002 financial year the general receipts from sales have made $28,3 billion But and scientific researches are conducted at level - 22 418 employees Microsoft are engaged in researches and workings out (24 858 more person are occupied by sale and maintenance service of made production). In a campus there is also quite scientific kind museum Microsoft. There statements of different people are presented (like centenary prescription of the request of the head of patent department of the USA to the president to close this organisation, because all is already invented and estimations contemporaries of various great inventions: Not clearly, for whom phone can be necessary! it is required to the world market no more than three computers ) ; The entered market in 1981 of absolutely decent view personal computer IBM c developed Microsoft operating system MS - DOS 1. O; Bill Gates`s green T-shirt with an inscription I have created Microsoft and have survived .
the Employees of the company moving on a campus, have absolutely student`s appearance - jackets and vests (unless without an inscription I have created Microsoft ) . In three-storyed garage for employees is not only good cars, but also bicycles. The structure of employees quite corresponds to structure of students of any American university - on the first place, certainly, Americans. But not too Canadians (because Redmond is near to Seattle, and Seattle - near to the Canadian border) lag behind. And Canadians are lagged behind not too by citizens of the East Europe countries, including Russian.
employees Microsoft tell about the work with quite scientific enthusiasm. For example, Jim Hebert responsible for working out of the software for servers and telling about Windows Serwer 2003 ( Servers will work not how now, - when they would like, and when they should work ), about an in itself technical aspect of programming responded without special respect ( Write an infinite code which to read - that will occupy two months ) But it is a lot of and willingly argued on philosophy of programmers ( They after all all optimists - think that as - nibud will do without problems ) . Told and about how has passed in Microsoft from Sun Microsystems: the pier, worked 10 years in the company, and everyone half a year called friends from Microsoft with the offer to pass to them. And has then decided that in Microsoft there are more than possibilities to solve interesting problem - to keep and make accessible the information on judicial sessions all over the world (that witnesses as the public prosecutor on what lawyers built protection acted spoke). So to say, the world case law. and at the first meeting of labour collective Microsoft has thought that here many are occupied by interesting problems. Have gathered in the Palace of sports of 11 thousand persons and all the day told each other from a tribune over what work. It was not boring .
It is necessary to notice that in Microsoft is available and it is simple - taki special research division which is engaged in works, so to say, on a joint of sciences (700 employees specialising in 50 scientific disciplines). Psychologist Sjuzan Djume with the big knowledge of business has told about modern methods of information search. Anything it is impossible to find neither in the Internet, nor in own computer. In the presence of the author of this article research experiment has been spent: use of modern technologies in search of the answer to a question who is Bill Gates`s wife. Results of experiment: the most probable answer, naturally, Microsoft; on the second place - the Internet; on the third, strangely enough, Paul Allen (together with Bill Gates created Microsoft). Only on the fourth - the fifth places there were female names (the truth, one of them belongs to the wife of the father of founder Microsoft, too Bill Gates). In such severe conditions for information search it is necessary to resort to researches in the field of machine reason and interaction of the person with car. A direction of researches: Search first of all that information with which the searching is already familiar (it even is in memory of its computer), only here does not remember, where exactly he met her. The main task: not to destroy for simplification of search already available information which now seems excessive. Who knows, whether it is required further? In general, attempt to make information technology reminding a human brain. The large quantity too would be stored in it after all like the unnecessary information. And anything when it is required, the person all remembers. There is a hope that in some years computer technologies will make possible all - taki to find that you search.
with not smaller scientific enthusiasm the director of division under name Marketing Communication William Golding told about program Office 11 which will appear in the market in the near future. Let`s not say about that in this program at last - that it will be possible to use e-mail without present infinite technical difficulties. We will tell that in this case the computer itself will collect the financial information from various sources to make the annual report or the tax declaration. For this purpose it, certainly, should be connected to the Internet - better, of course, in the wireless way. Office 11 also it is necessary to those who uses so-called Tablet PC - where it is possible to write the special handle directly on the screen. The program understands handwriting and is capable to translate the hand-written text in the printing. However, not each handwriting understands, - William Golding has noticed. - I, for example, does not understand . However, even at an illegible handwriting the program can find a proper place in the hand-written text - it will be simple to compare a flourish behind a flourish. Very conveniently for the journalists who are illegibly writing down tongue-tied orators on a press - conferences. However, it would be desirable, that Tablet PC itself fixed speech of any lecturer in printing or at least a hand-written kind, but before the program of recognition of speech yet do not send in addition. But Office 11 allows to write down simultaneously the handle for the lecturer and by means of a microphone to keep a sound recording. Then it will be possible to find a necessary place of the manuscript on the screen and to hear that, actually, during this moment actually stated the acting.
in a campus there is also an office of visual aids for consumers that they have understood that already now is in the market. Is Windows Media Center - it is possible to write down TV programs directly from the Internet, then transferring them on DVD. There are kitchen devices with which help it is possible to take necessary culinary recipes from the Internet. There are the sewing machines extending from the Internet various patterns and their embroidering. There is Smartfone, a mobile phone with the big screen which at last - that really carries out communication with the Internet forces of operators of mobile communication. In the USA while such services are not given, but in Great Britain already is.
at last, in a campus the usual office is presented - as it will look in the foreseeable future. On a workplace of each employee - the computer with the huge screen on which simultaneously there is everything, including e-mail (the message comes directly in the face of) and numerous help materials. It is possible to proceed in a management office on meeting and by means of own Tablet PC to take part in drawing of the joint scheme on the screen of the chief.
we will not say that all employees Microsoft only and argue on workings out in the field of safety and reliability of the information. They are not tired to argue also that new programs allow to reduce costs in present the competitor the world and do former investments into information technology strategic: it is impossible to consider any money lost - all new workings out are quite compatible with already available. At last, Microsoft it is very anxious by to make at clients impression that all becomes with their participation and for their convenience.
well, conclusions can be made the following. All it very much on - American - infinite reasonings concerning care of the client, its safety, preservations privacy and decrease in its personal costs. Not only because any large American company at first was small - and small American dealers have got used to work with clients and business partners personally, convincing them of necessity and advantage of expenditure of money, - but also because any large American company very much depends on the shareholders. It in Germany and Japan investors take shares for the sake of long-term control over the companies. In the USA actions are bought by usual citizens so that immediately them to sell if affairs go not so. Therefore the large companies including Microsoft, should convince daily shareholders that all goes just how it is necessary, and to show reasonable modesty: the American citizens do not love those whom they name greedy sharks of Uoll - strit .
typically American also one more circumstance here is. Microsoft works in the field of information technology (actually, he has created them). For occurrence of information technology the information and requirement it are necessary to search and it to exchange. Only in the USA in each city a large quantity of television programs. Only in the USA such quantity of the telephone companies. Actually, and phone is not casually invented in the USA (Mark Twain very much was upset that has not put up money in Alexander Bell`s invention when that offered it, but very much was proud that had the first-ever private telephone set). The big distances and necessity constantly to be on communication, without missing any commercially important information, is typically American phenomenon. But that Microsoft is now known in the world and the personal computers connected to the Internet, a steel for the daily and universal phenomenon, testifies to some interest to the information and in other countries, including in Russia.