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business news
the third writing-book
the Russian Open Society UES of Russia have disconnected from Tbilisi
p. 13
There Co-owners the Autovase have preferred energy of southern neighbours

remain without dividends
p. 13
Arbitration court has satisfied the first of claims of minority shareholders of the company

to Regions not on forces the low taxes
p. 14
federation Council is ready to help them - at the expense of federal

More indexes, Yury Luzhkov is less than advertising
p. 15
has signed the order About creation of city system of information support of participants of traffic

Babaevka has surrendered to group Guta
p. 16
under guarantees of the government of Moscow

world practice
the second writing-book
Azorsky arrangement
p. 9
Leaders of the USA, Britain and Spain have spent a council of war

Forgive, we were unworthy you
p. 11
have passed funeral of Zorana Dzhindzhicha In Belgrad

culture, sports
the fourth writing-book
Big and Mariinsky theatre have exchanged achievements
p. 22
Rolana Petja

Russians natolkali and ran on two gold
p. 23
Results of two days of the World championship on track and field athletics in Birmingham

Andrey Tikhonov has scored the 100-th goal
p. 24
And Krylja Sovetov left in leaders after the first round of the championship of Russia