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Direct speech

for That you wait from this week?
Alexander Zhukov, the chairman of committee of the State Duma under the budget and taxes:
- Permissions of a situation round Iraq. All says that Americans will operate as will want, despite the United Nations decision. The new resolution across Iraq will not pass, but it, unfortunately, will not stop the USA, and, most likely, military operations any more behind mountains. War will not put to Russia a direct economic damage, but world economic system will affect necessarily. And certainly, development of all basic events becomes clear after end of this operation: very many will depend on what forces will head Iraq.

Victor Khristenko, vitse - the prime minister of the Russian Federation:
- Sessions of the several important commissions: on Monday on the transport policy, on Wednesday concerning use main nefte - and gas pipelines, on the housing policy. And on Thursday I depart to Kazakhstan. In Astana will pass session Russian - the Kazakh intergovernmental commission, then a meeting vitse - prime ministers of Ukraine, Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan. A main point - the draught agreement on uniform economic space of four CIS countries.

Svetlana Gorjacheva, the chairman of committee of the State Duma on affairs of women, a family and youth:
- Performances in the Duma of head of the Pension fund of the Russian Federation of Michael Zurabova. It would be desirable not only hear the information on indexation of pensions, but also to receive the answer to a question why those norms which are put in the federal budget are not executed. We put higher indexation since February, 1st. Let he will explain to us, what occurs - if the law on the pension fund budget is not important and the federal budget which affirms at all levels of the power, too is broken, that will be further?!

Sergey Yastrzhembsky, the assistant to the president of Russia:
- the Referendum in the Chechen Republic. It is obvious that attempts to break a referendum are. It would be strange, if they were not. Any situations of extreme character for today in republic it is not fixed. Observers from the CIS are ready to take part in a referendum. We expect the answer from the Council of Europe and Parliamentary assembly, and also from League of the Arabian states. Their arrival is especially desirable.

Sergey Mironov, the chairman of the council of federation:
- the Ural information forum. For me participation in its work - good possibility to learn and feel that infokommunikatsionnogo sectors and media communities regional politicians, businessmen and representatives think of problems of development of information sphere. Within the limits of a forum we want to designate new approaches to concept of the information field which development is the major factor of strengthening of a federative state.

Serafim Afonin, the president of the Union of exporters of metal products:
- Signings of the agreement on increase in quotas at deliveries at the market of the USA of the Russian pig-iron, trumpet and square preparation. I hope that the situation round Iraq will not prevent signing. For us this favourable agreement: it will allow to increase deliveries of pig-iron more than three times, will give the chance to put till the end of the year in the USA of 157 thousand t trumpet and square preparation. The market of the USA is not less interesting to us, than the market of Europe - there both demand big, and the prices attractive.

Valery Jazev, the president of the Russian gas society, the head of subcommittee of the State Duma of gas:
- Meetings in the government under the concept of development of the market of gas in Russia. This very important event, considering that we practically do not have gas market: 93 % supervise the state and only 7 % can be on sale. In my opinion, reforming of monopolies has begun not with that end, and with gas branch we in general strongly were late. The serious and deep analysis is necessary. I hope that at meeting will divergences between " are accurately defined, how much deep; Gazprom and Ministry of economic development and trade. I think, they can be smoothed.

Alexander Hloponin, the governor of Krasnoyarsk region:
- the First session of presidium of governor`s council. This body will co-ordinate actions of the regional and regional authorities, we have thought up a certain new form of mutual relations when heads of areas will directly communicate with me. On council except traditional questions, such as power, the salary and housing - municipal services, we will discuss, and first of all with southern areas of edge, readiness for a sowing campaign.

Vadim Shvetsov, the general director of the company Severstal - the Car :
- the International conference Motor industry of Russia organised by Adam Smith`s Institute. Experts will tell about prospects of development both domestic car industry, and strategy of car factories. I wait for interesting discussion, performances of representatives from the different countries of the world. I hope, it will be possible to talk about advantages and the variants of strategic partnership most comprehensible to the Russian companies to foreign motor-car manufacturers.