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Knights of a green table
Speak, ancient Greeks when the person died, first of all asked, whether there was at it in life a passion. If was, life is lived knowingly. People spend a lot of time for passions, money, forces. In exchange, obviously, receive something inaccessible to those who is not afflicted with passion. In the first release of a new heading the Way of life the correspondent Money Yury Lvov has tried to understand, what magic is concealed in itself by process zabivanija long sticks of firm spheres in table dredging.

As become billiard-players
When George Stepanovich Mitasov yet was not the head coach of the Russian national team on billiards and in general to any national team was not in the project, called its Zhoroj Voronezh or Zhoroj Sochi, and more often Serezhej.
George Stepanovich is obliged by Last name of the love to poetry. Going to school villages Troitsk New Hopersky area of the Voronezh region, it easily rhymed and wrote rhymed on a board. And as value on a blackboard had, clearly, scabrousness, the one-armed principal has quickly mastered elements avtorovedcheskoj examinations and once, conducting Mitasova in a corner on peas (years were still the fortieth), has angrily told: Too to me, Sergey Yesenin! a name forbidden then the poet schoolmates have pasted Mitasovu instantly.
it very much was useful subsequently. In 17 years Mitasov has arrived to Leningrad and thought already to leave back as in Recreation centre of Ilyich where it has casually appeared together with friends from a vocational school, has heard attracting sound - whether knock, whether a crash. After the first hour of game per a billiard room where as it has appeared, friends - handicraftsmen go regularly (for using tables to uniform uniforms with sickles and hammers the big discount relied), it has started these friends to beat. In a week - beat all Recreation centre. In some months - all in Leningrad. In some years - went on the country. Then it began to be represented under a pseudonym of Serezha: played for money, and it was forbidden.
In Leningrad Mitasov after craft began to build metro stations Majakovsky and Vladimir . All because the uniform uniform gave the chance to play billiards of which was not in native village. In army, in a construction battalion, it too served kiem. Billiard tables were in any officer room. That Mitasov well plays, it became known quickly. Including to the general. It suited the soldier to itself(himself) with the clerk who has soon served to the foreman and has acquired the right in the evening to fall outside the limits a part, moreover in the civilian. Advantage to army connection Mitasov brought the huge. When there came checks, general Minaev treated with their cognac, snack, and after billiards.
- Here colonel Habibulin from Moscow, - spoke to George the chief. - the big fan. You it at first provoke, and as I will give a command - to a nail.
the general accidentally nodded to Mitasovu, and that so scratched the capital inspectors already afflicted with passion that they wanted to play again and again, without believing that before the youth at them any chances. Also dispersed to sleep for a midnight, tired and happy. When to the foreman biljardno - building armies to Mitasovu time to the reserve has come to be transferred, the general brushed away tears.
as - that Mitasovu would be desirable to throw billiards - and, strangely enough, in the best training. It has found Nikolay Ivanovicha Yefimov working as a marker in local Officers` Club in Voronezh. It was well-known in the billiard world the Stutterer.
- it had a cataract on an eye, and ky it held here so, - Mitasov curves the right hand in a wrist, and it becomes similar to a chicken paw. - and to look, how he plays, it was simply terrible. At it the most inconceivable sphere fell. Anybody could not resist. And I did not take from it any party. Such genius, probably, is born once a century, and other game near to Zaikin billiards simply did not look. The stutterer became the billiard-player so: his mother was the cleaner, soaps including billiard rooms. The son, growth hardly reaching a table, lasted kiem to a sphere - and curved a wrist as could not aim as it is necessary. And has got used to hold a hand.
- H - h - it is good - you will play, ch - a siskin, - has told as - that Stutterer Mitasovu, and it has helped to inhibit desire to fasten with billiards. The invaluable lesson of the Stutterer cost always equally - a vodka bottle. Alcoholic evening or hungover morning to game of the genius no more, than the cataract and a clumsy hand, however, stirred.
to George Mitasovu on April, 26th it is executed seventy. I catch two it siskins (So the master after the Stutterer names pupils) - Yury Pashchinsky first in the Russian man`s rating and Anna Mazherinu first in a female rating - and I ask them a question: how they became billiard-players? Anna as it is found out, has started to play billiards on a summer residence and has soon beaten the father and all neighbours. Yury in a billiard room was resulted by the friend and it was beaten. After a week of violent trainings Pashchinsky this friend has carried. And cannot stop.
in general, billiard-players become simply: come once to a billiard room and then cannot come any more. Why - the question already from that series why at one the love suddenly flashes, and at another is not present. When I have asked Mitasova to define short, what such billiards - sports? Passion? Business? - It without reflecting has said: Passion .

As billiard-players
That earn billiards and money - concepts if not identical interconnected, all know on cinema. Still the recidivist Smoked said to Gleb Zheglovu that on shchelbany only boys play, and the present players - on interest . I, by the way, have asked Mitasova, whether there can be all how in Meeting place . George Stepanovich has answered that the good player really is sometimes capable to make party with kija that is to begin it and to finish, without transferring a course to the contender. JUra Pashchinsky has told that it will make of each ten parties so two - three. The film truth question has unexpectedly excited two misters playing behind the next table.
- yes as it is the cop can put professional katalu! - one of them has cried.
- Zheglov not the simple cop, - has objected Mitasov. - From the point of view of cinema it is possible.
and here about other film widely discussed in billiard circles, to the Classic (1998), George Stepanovich says, in soft transposition that is nonsense.
I have found this film in hire. Quite such new Russian cinema, happens and is worse. Dynamical swindle. One large billiard-player has thrown for the large sum bratkov. At first they, of course, thought to return the a brute force, but have then decided to arrive gracefully - to send on the player of the superplayer who carries a badge of the Union of writers on a lapel and is nicknamed for it by the Classic.
in solving party in the American (a large sum - $300 thousand) The superplayer applies unique blow of Lemana. Its essence that bitok, having struck in the pyramid of spheres put on a table, hammers in two extreme spheres of a pyramid into distant billiard pockets and comes back to an initial place that allows to finish other spheres from this convenient position and to win party with kija . Before it is a curious detail - there was such attempt muhlezha: under a table the electronic device which magnetic waves directed spheres there where it is necessary was put.
Actually blow which with predicted accuracy would pocket a sphere from a pyramid, does not exist. Another matter - the sphere. It at the good master, having concerned a pyramid side, will fall in a corner stably enough. That will allow to make the following blow and if will carry, party with kija .
Electronics for billiard muhlezha too at its finest fiction. Billiards in general for shulerstva leaves a minimum of possibilities. It not cards when in a sleeve it is possible to have six ases. Theoretically, professionals have told to me, it is possible to make so. When serious players sort out relations some days, before a solving meeting one of the parties can draw cloth on a table, hardly to recustomize a board corner (peretjazhka - regular operation which each table takes place about once a year) and to adapt to changes. And the opponent will count on a table with former resistance of cloth both etc. At good and approximately an equal class of game it all the same that odds sphere. At last, in solving party, after razbitija the player of a pyramid, its accomplice can imperceptibly pocket a spare sphere, and from a table one to clean. The player then will tell that it has flown the fool - a casual sphere from a pyramid. Though similar muhlezh on a subtlety it is similar to larceny of a castle from a chessboard.
billiard swindle prospers in any club, but it, so to say, not technical, but psychological. Certain muzhichok observes of fans, mows under the tipsy little fool, roughly admires, suggests to play. Or the girl at first blinks, like as wishes to get acquainted with guys, then too suggests to play. Or the grandfather wants to play, because to it that is boring also it like as a little. Result one - rolled does not show the true level, even can lose, while rates are insignificant. When the sucker flies into a passion also a large sum increases, rolled settles accounts with it as a cat with a mouse. The average rate on the Moscow clubs - roubles 500 per lot. Though level of clubs very different: where students play on a fifty-kopeck piece, and where businessmen on $100. Larger rates, as a rule, result of rare divorce on impudence or especially stipulated meetings of serious players.
through game on money there have passed all masters - even those who now is engaged in professional sports.
sports too give the chance to earn. Prize-winning for places on a pedestal in the Russian and international tournaments make some thousand dollars. Almost all leaders of a billiard rating have personal sponsors - with their labels on waistcoats they act on tournaments. Besides, practically all masters give paid lessons. Even game on money has already other motives.
- me quite often suggest to play on money, knowing my level, - Anna Mazherina speaks. - the Fan is ready to lay out money for game with the champion. As though the form of payment for my lesson.
the sportsman of high level to roll on clubs cannot any more even if will want.
- has arrived recently to Bryansk, has come into a local billiard room, - Yury Pashchinsky tells. - the Marker to me has directly rushed: Pashchinsky has come! Play with me party! good players are known - even those who does not participate in official competitions. A dark horse, it is not known whence the undertaken class player, can To roll on the Moscow clubs a maximum of month four, then will remember it.
itself Pashchinsky rolled effectively: to it now only twenty, and the thin boy some years ago came into a billiard room, shy examined ky... Once there was a history in style of a film the Classic .
In one district one player, rather rather well-to-do, nadral all other also declared itself invincible. About it have learnt bratki and have carried in small town 16 - summer Pashchinsky - specially under the player . In pockets that puffed up from money, to it napihali the $200 exchanged on 50 rbl. of Jura has started to play - not in that billiard room where practised local the king and in an institution is easier. Hardly won, lost more. All told that his daddy opens here new refuelling concerning what the son would like to have a rest and play with somebody serious. That in a city the silly and fat game has appeared suddenly, have immediately informed To the king . Pashchinsky has merged to it pair of insignificant large sums. It cost nothing to settle to game on the terms similar to the motor of transfer " further; How to become the millionaire : the first party - for 100 rbl., the second - for 200 rbl., the third - for 400 rbl. of All have agreed about ten parties.
is closer to the sixth the king and already all have understood its environment. Became closer to the eighth opponent Pashchinsky on half an hour to leave in a toilet - so it was necessary to supervise, that he has not run away. After last defeat it has written out the power of attorney on new Volga - it approximately is so much also cost, how many the king should. Pashchinsky half of large sum has got: the second was received bratki, by organizers of a meeting.
the king of billiards without inverted commas George Mitasov does not play for money since 1996. Not only because eye it is already a little not those (though a hand on - former gold), - the head coach, noblesse oblige. Interests any more someone to beat, and that from a siskin has grown, for example, Pashchinsky.
In years of tours of Serezha, it Zhora, played, happened, and on the Zhiguli and is larger.
- the major principle was, which teachers have enclosed, - not to beat the simple person, the hard worker, - Mitasov speaks. - It is not always easy for distinguishing: other turner in Sochi will dress a good suit and puts one thousand on which it with the wife and the child should have a rest the whole month. My contingent was - from the director ovoshchebazy and further everywhere. Besides, I did not represent from myself neumehu, was not humiliated. Used return psychological reception: said that very well I play, with me there is nothing to catch. Usually kataly so itself did not conduct, and me considered as the impudent fellow, tried to teach a good lesson. At such behaviour lost it was more difficult to refuse to pay - witnesses spoke: Serezha you warned that well plays .
Mitasov which in what has acted as a prototype of the hero of a film the Classic . In - the first, there the hero - a member of the Union of writers, and among professional billiard-players Mitasov such one (it the author of several poetic collections). In - the second that till a time it did not learn, the Classic (both cine, and real) something closed a tattoo on a hand. At cine it has appeared on a zone. Real it in the childhood was made by the acquaintance - figure 1933, year of birth. Then George tried to reduce it. To it have advised to pin this place spirit and for the night to put pair bird`s meat. During a dream the bandage has moved down. Number 933 has passed into nothingness, and unit flaunts on a hand to this day. When Serezha left to play to Odessa, Sochi, Tashkent, Moscow - it covered tatu with glue with powder or stuck with a plaster that have not learnt.

when billiards - art
Psychology of commercial and sports billiards very different. The billiard-player who is playing for money, perceives them as coupons on game. Does not happen almost that the player, having cut down some thousand dollars, veins on them: it leaves them in a casino, automatic machines or on the same billiards. Mitasov says that all kataly, as a rule, in debts.
- even very strong commercial player on sports tournaments acts, as a rule, badly, - Anna Mazherina speaks. - It cannot cope with nervous trembling. I think, from - that, playing a large sum, he subconsciously considers that can recoup. And at competitions - has taken off, and all. Here composure instead of passion, ability to hold blow is necessary.
however billiards of the higher test not that other, as art. There is no sense in details to describe blows which my vis-a-vis showed. Spheres got aboard a table and drop from it into a billiard pocket, floated there on an arch.
- billiards are chess in movement, - George Mitasov speaks. - it is important not to drive in a sphere, and to count, where it will go in case of a miss. And where spheres of the contender will go. It demands studying of game geometry and strategy subtleties.
if you want to learn billiards, there is no sense to start to play on clubs. It is better to address to the trainer - to the professional. To me has had the luck to take a lesson from Mitasova.
Initial work, as it Always happens, zanudna. The master long put me in a rack: that the elbow of the right hand has been bent at right angle, index and big fingers of the left hand were on friendly terms that is not rastopyrivalis, aim an eye, ky and shoulders were on one straight line. First the problem was to achieve rectilinear movement kija along a table. Then the same with a sphere. One. It was necessary to send it to an opposite board on a straight line that it has returned to the centre kija. While such blow (any normal player does it blindly) is not mastered, to start game there is no sense. Only then already study doublets, triplets and etc. to Start game with the partner there is a sense when main blows already more or less turn out.
as well as in any art, limits of perfection at the billiard-player are not present: not all blows turn out and at the best. After my lesson, when the photographer Money Alexey Kudenko, having aimed an objective at a billiard pocket, removed difficult blow of one of masters, there was an incident. The sphere has jumped out from a table and as in slow-motion shot, on an arch has flown by to the photographer in a forehead.
- about - e!. - the general sigh on a hall was carried by, and someone has run in a bar behind ice for the cone reddening on a forehead.
George Mitasov has there and then remembered a unique case as a sphere, in a similar way having taken off from a table, has broken glass of hours on a hand of a certain major which stood nearby, has jumped aside and has fallen in a billiard pocket. There is all - taki in billiards something magic. Not without reason players speak " is more often; to put a sphere instead of to put a sphere . In Russian such form use, so far as concerns live, animated.