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Grandson Shamilja

Turkish special services is arrested have arrested at the Istanbul airport Muhameda Tokdzhana, gla
  grandson Shamilja
Turkish special services have arrested at the Istanbul airport Muhameda Tokdzhana, the leader of the terrorists who have grasped in January, 1996 Russian ferry Avrazija . After criminals have surrendered Turkish police, them have sentenced to long imprisonment terms. Tokdzhanu, condemned for nine years, soon it was possible to run. It disappeared in the Chechen Republic and tried to return to Turkey under the false passport.

the Ferry Avrazija with the Russian tourists Trabzon by grouping " has been onboard grasped in Turkish port; Grandsons of Shamilja Led by a Turk of the Chechen origin Muhamedom Tokdzhanom (in detail told about it). Hostages had appeared about two hundred persons. Threatening to blow up a vessel, terrorists have demanded to disengage from village May Day the Russian armies and to give the chance to Salmana Raduev`s insurgents to leave in the Chechen Republic.
in the answer the Russian armies have started to fire at the surrounded village rockets, and the Turkish authorities have arrested relatives of terrorists. On - visible, last circumstance also has forced terrorists to change the plans. Negotiations proceeding some hours have come to the end with that Avrazija has headed for Istanbul. Here Turkish special services were going to take a vessel storm. But the power action was not necessary - Grandsons of Shamilja have surrendered to the authorities.
on court terrorists have declared that have gone on a crime that to draw attention of the world community to the fights going in the Chechen Republic . However from a criminal liability it is them has not rescued. All of them have sentenced to long terms of imprisonment. To Tokdzhanu heading a gang have given most - nine years. However behind a lattice the criminal has stayed not for long. Having bribed one of supervisors, he has managed to run. Searches of Tokdzhana by success have not crowned.
under the information available for Turkish special services, all this time the fugitive disappeared in territory of the Chechen Republic. In three years, having thought what to search for it already have ceased, he has decided to return home. Just in case Tokdzhan has got the false passport. But it has not helped it. During passage of passport control he has been arrested. Now it is threatened with severe punishment - up to the death penalty.