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Were born

Today, on December, 19th, birthday of the main director of theatre the Contemporary Gal
  Were born

Today, on December, 19th, birthday of the main director of theatre the Contemporary Galinas Volchek
Volchek was born in Moscow, in 1955 has left school - studio MhAta, since 1956 works at theatre the Contemporary in 1962 debuted as the director at the same theatre, since 1972 is the main director, and since 1989 - the art director of theatre.
happy birthday Galina Volchek is congratulated by actor Igor Kvasha:
- Galja - the surprising person, talented, clever, kind. The main thing that dear Gale this day would be desirable to wish, is health. That it could continue and further fruitfully work, pleasing all of us, both spectators, and its actors, the creativity. At it improbably rare gift - it is professional, wise, is thin to supervise over such difficult organism, as theatre. Thanking it, its ability to communicate and get on with people in the Contemporary till now is not present either intrigues, or rage, and already throughout long years special, warm, creative, friendly atmosphere remains.
we with Galej classmates, together went to school - studios MhAta. And I am glad to that all these years I work together with it. I warmly and sincerely wish Galju happy birthday. Also I think that Galina Borisovna concerns that rare category of people which willingly will want to congratulate not only acquaintances, the friends close, but also many - many of those who is not familiar with it personally, but knows and loves its creativity. I wish it to hear today all these remarkable words in the address. And still I wish, that creative muses never left their talented family.

born today Anastasii Vertinsky and Galina Volchek transfers the congratulations art director MHATa of a name of Chekhov Oleg Efremov:
- I know that on December, 19th - special day. This day Nastja Vertinsky were born Galina Borisovna Volchek, and... Brezhnev. I congratulate both talented and unusual women who were born today. It is glad that my destiny has developed so happily that I could be the acquaintance and to work together and with Galina Borisovnoj and Nastej. I wish their of good luck and creative longevity, always them I love and I appreciate.

today, on December, 19th, birthday of the actress Anastasii Vertinsky
Vertinsky was born in Moscow, has ended Theatrical school of a name of Schepkin; played a scene the Contemporary and MHATa; acted in film in films Crimson sails The person - an amphibian War and peace Anna Karenina Hamlet the Case with Polyninym Enamoured Thirst of passion In a city of Sochi dark nights the Master and Margarita ; conducts on television a program cycle Other coast .
Happy birthday to Anastas Vertinsky the actor and director Alexander Kalyagin congratulates:
- We with Nastej together studied in Shchukinsky, it on some courses was more younger me. There we have got acquainted with it and since then we are on friendly terms and we work. It is graceful, beautiful, wise. In the course of time it only becomes more interesting both as the actress, and as the woman. All inherent in the beautiful woman is peculiar to it, all the best. Very much I love it. And eternally I study at it both in art, and in life. I wish Nastju happy birthday, I wish it not to change, remain such as is.
the film director of a film joins congratulations The person - an amphibian the honoured worker of arts Vladimir Tchebotaryov:
- Today I would like to wish Nastenku happy birthday. Yes the deserved actress of Russia will forgive me Anastas Aleksandrovna`s such liberty, already.
for me, as director - the director of a film the Person - an amphibian in which she acted in film, and not only for me, but also for many spectators it for ever remained fine romantic dream, unforgettable and unique. Pass years, and beauty Guttiere played by it on - former reigns over hearts of spectators. Many consider that in a film only external given actresses were used, but I would like to disagree with it. In the Ice crust as if in a precious brilliant, breed of a family of Vertinskys, both surprising plasticity, and talented feeling of truth, and accurate sensation of a genre was reflected also. Besides Nastja was very courageous and is resolute: Almost in all underwater episodes she acted in film without the doubler, and this boldness has given roles special charm.
today, in birthday, I would like to tell that she has created more many considerable, remembered roles. Especially it was pleasant to me in a film the Anonymous star .
I Wish you, Nastenka, good luck of creativity and quiet female happiness.

Today, on December, 19th, 34 years to the first deputy of the general director of Open Society " are executed; Novokuznetsk aluminium factory to Vyacheslav Markovu
Marks was born in Novokuznetsk, has ended the Moscow institute of a steel and alloys, since 1987 works on different posts in Open Society Novokuznetsk aluminium factory (NKAZ), and since 1997 is the first deputy of the general director.
happy birthday Vyacheslav Markova is congratulated by the president of company Base Metal Trading Ltd. Yury Zhivilo:
- Our company works with Vyacheslav Viktorovichem since 1994, and we are glad to join numerous congratulations in honour of birthday of this remarkable, bright, vigorous person. About such people speak: the person - the motor, it lights all round itself passion to work, life.
Dear Vyacheslav Viktorovich! From the bottom of the heart we congratulate you and we wish you health, happiness, love and inexhaustible energy.
it is talented, vigorous,
As a bee, always in work,
At it such custom:
All only to people, not to itself!
the Cheerful person, is deprived routine,
It is always irreplaceable,
It and NKAZ - are inseparable,
It has, seemingly, grown together with it!
In its thoughts, stremlenjah
For shower factory is ill,
With it it every instant,
it stores it In heart!
the worker it of the top quality,
not to find such for ever!
Here such it - Mark`s Glory -
the Fine person!
Let it will be always happy,
Pleasures to it wholly!
let in all It will be successful,
of it the country Let is proud!

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