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In Birobidzhan the synagogue

In Birobidzhan the synagogue

Unknown persons twice during the last days is profaned have profaned a unique synagogue in the city of Birobidzhan. On the night of May, 2nd the menorah - the ritual candlestick established in a court yard of a synagogue has been broken. Guilty it was not possible to find. Then on the night of May, 3rd unknown persons have broken a window in a synagogue, have broken David`s metal six-final stars from its walls and have laid out in a court yard of a synagogue from stones of 10 swastikas and a word leave . The townspeople living near to a building of a synagogue, assert that heard at the night of a voice of young men. Criminal case is brought. Employees of FSB are connected to investigation.

At school the bomb
in the Evening on April, 29th the unknown man is neutralised has called in service of militia on duty and has informed that in a building of school #575 Central areas of St.-Petersburg are put an explosive. OMON fighters have been into place caused. Nearby 20. 30 experts have found out on the second floor in a box of a fire hydrant metal 5 - a litre keg from - under beer Baltic the filled 2,5 kg droblenogo trotyl. In it the fuse with a clockwork, established on 21 has been built in. 30. Sappers have neutralised the device. Schoolboys indoors any more were not, but in the evening in a building the sports section works, and the bomb has been put in immediate proximity from sports hall. Investigation is conducted by employees of FSB and militia.
criminality Department

employees of the Department of Internal Affairs Have arrested dealers pomegranates
on April, 27th in Volgograd about 11 o`clock in the morning at checkpoints derevoobrabatyvajushchego factory of a name of Kuibyshev and FSB across the Volgograd region have detained two persons, trying to sell explosives. From them have withdrawn 36 pomegranates RNG and UZRGM - 2, and also two improvised explosive devices with remote control. At a search in apartment of one of arrested persons it has been found two more grenades. Also it is established that the security guard of one of the Volgograd enterprises had a direct bearing on the transaction.

In Saransk Experts of service " struggle with small need
; the Customer in Saransk have invented a way of struggle against the hooligans celebrating natural needs in lifts. For this purpose kommunalshchikam it is necessary to change some electroschemes and to establish the gauges reacting to ammonia. Then the malefactor cannot get out of the lift: doors can be opened only by means of a breakage. Lift attendants and a police squad will take infringers from cabins.
VLAD - Borisov, Saransk

In Crimea have condemned kladoiskatelej
the Bakhchsarai district court has taken out sentences to local residents to Yury Bobrovitsky and brothers Gennady and Pavel Petrenko. They were accused of deliberate destruction and plunder of monuments of history and culture. In January of this year young men have arranged amateur excavation around a medieval Baklinsky site of ancient settlement. In a luggage carrier of their car two clay amphoras VIII - have been found out IX centuries. On court they have declared that any excavation did not conduct, and amphoras it have thrown. But the court has counted fault kladoiskatelej proved and has sentenced Gennady Petrenko to two years, and Pavel Petrenko and Yury Bobrovitsky - by a year of corrective works.
MARK - AGATE, Evpatoria

the Girl has blown up a bomb, rescuing children
One of these days in a large forest for 12 - m microdistrict of Chelyabinsk 20 - summer Marina Malinova, the doctor - the anaesthesiologist, has met juvenile children with a self-made bomb. Having selected at children a bomb, the girl has rejected it aside, but is insufficiently far. From explosion the doctor has got serious burns of hands and the person.
HERMAN - GALKIN, Chelyabinsk

containers with radioisotopes
In the city of Coosa of the Chelyabinsk area in territory of machine-building factory Are stolen four ownerless containers with radioisotopes are found out. While from Chelyabinsk to Coosa the special commission of the regional administration has reached, two containers have disappeared, despite the accepted safety measures. As it was found out, containers have been put in the Chelyabinsk area in 1977 from Poland as a part of the measuring equipment for iron and steel industry which and has not been used. Local residents assure that kapleobraznoj the forms weighing of some tens of kgs, basically it is possible to use containers at kvashenii cabbage as oppression, probably, for this purpose they and have been stolen. On the other hand, the lead cover of containers could interest collectors of a colour breakage. Investigation is conducted.
HERMAN - GALKIN, Chelyabinsk

In hotel Moscow have found the wounded man
in the Morning on May, 3rd in number 617 capital hotels Moscow the parlourmaid has found out the unknown man (it did not have documents) with the punched skull and rublenoj a wound around a temple. In an unconsciousness it is hospitalised in nejrohirurgicheskuju resuscitation of one of the Moscow hospitals. In connection with these incident militiamen search for Muscovite Romana Pesekova living in this room of the hotel.
Sergey - the Poplar

In Samara shtolnjah three students
Three persons were lost four were lost also were gone in shtolnjah nearby to Samara. As have informed in a press - service of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia, on May, 1st four students - three girls and the young man - have gone aside shtolen. On May, 2nd they home have not returned also their parents have addressed for the help to rescuers of Service 911. Rescuers left on searches and also have not returned. On May, 3rd energies of rescuers of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia have been directed to searches of four students and three rescuers. They managed to pull out on a surface of a body of three students. Searches proceed.