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How to neutralise Yuran developed by back?

  How to neutralise Yuran developed by back?

I was in fortnight absence. Has returned, has looked at football and has drawn a conclusion: the championship started on - to the present - exactly for one week earlier, than it could be expected.
what different matches! A victory Spartaka not the person on duty, this bad word, and every day, on a class. Fight of CSKA with Zenith - again not so entertainment on receptions, but high quality game. And that occurred in Ramensky where the small town situated near Moscow opened for itself the higher league matches with the Dynamo !
At first in Ostankinsky studio through the Internet I watched the account. Saturn came forward, the Dynamo Compared, and so three times. It seemed, children of Pavlova smother jartsevtsev. And the first theoretical conclusion was: well, thank God, the Dynamo the strong-willed drawn game for a self-confidence, maybe, even more than the next victory is necessary such here.
Having waited returnings of a film-making brigade from Ramensky, I was surprised: it appears, the Dynamo has missed a victory. And now I will draw other conclusion - Jartsev again in the repertoire. Energy of the team formed by its radiating extensively can seem confusion to all who does not want to look at it through a prism of sympathy for the person of the trainer. But as the king has not the right to demand from the general that that became a sea seagull, and the fan should understand that the trainer and a favorite team needs to be accepted entirely such what are, or not to accept at all.
But this private. What means, the championship started? It means, the everyday life has begun, after all the first matches are irrational enough piece: Specificity of inter-season period is multiplied by costs of a calendar and an emotional wave of the beginning of a season. Here and a victorious series " has ended; the Dynamo which a consequence was faster than spirit and a self-confidence, rather than game.
However, still a question that is more important. At Wings here there is a game, and the command flounders about in a zone, opposite semantics of flight concluded in the name (has asked in a Torpedo about two years ago Augustin Eguavon to translate it the name Krylja Sovetov on English - so nobody could).
And another. A victory in bad matches - a champion symptom. From recessions anybody is not insured, but that champion who suffices points under any circumstances. Start has ended, because leaders are not torn any more forward in each game, and dare to display forces on a distance (and Yuran in ` Sports - the express train ` has told: We protected forces in the second time as the account arranged, and in a week game from CSKA ) . Start has ended, because the table top is already similar to itself.
Start has ended also because in some days - the main thing Russian derbi Spartak - CSKA. A main point before a supermatch on May, 9th: whether Tsymbalar will play. Earlier, than this small intrigue will clear up (at least to deliberately foggy explanations from outside spartakovskogo managements), it is difficult to build forecasts. The main problem: whether soldiers will think up how to neutralise developed by back to Yuran`s penal platform. Probably, there are ways. It would be desirable to look.
and another, too the main problem - at Spartaka . Whether unchecked defence competently otzashchishchatsja against a counterattacking trio of Kulik - Semak - Filippenkov will manage unexperienced and plainly, without breaking rules at the penal? After all standards - a favourable trump dolmatovtsev.
the Forecast as a first approximation. CSKA will be difficult for winning, as last year Spartaku Too powerful slap in the face has been given. Spartaku it will be improbably difficult to win, as in case of a victory it will come off very far persecutors and will create to itself a huge stock of confidence.
with this argument it is possible to argue, as the Dynamo still advances Spartak on the lost points, but our championship has already grown from diapers. It is necessary to consider only the typed points as anybody and to anybody them is simple so any more does not give.

the championship started a week earlier, than that could be expected