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On the last holidays not only weather has spoilt mood. Weight otritsateln
  Direct speech
On the last holidays not only weather has spoilt mood. The weight of negative emotions in many was caused also by celebratory TV program. To put it mildly, there was nothing to look. And what, according to our readers, in general followed show in celebratory and the days off?
that you want to look on holidays?

Sergey Blagovolin, the president of investment banking house finprom the former general director of ORT:
- Celebratory programs should be as much as possible various. Besides, in holidays good films, and furthermore on the threshold of such special holiday, as a Victory Day necessarily should be broadcast. The television should try to improve mood to spectators. And the main thing, it is impossible to forget that people want to relax and forget about the cares, fears, about crisis and political strike. For example, I with enormous pleasure have looked Old songs about the main thing . Though not these projects are pleasant to all, but I enjoyed this program. The celebratory program was remembered to me also by that many films with shooting and murders showed. In my opinion, it was superfluous.

Olga Danilov, the skier, the Olympic champion:
- In such days well to indulge nostalgia and to watch our old films. But only not same on all channels. And still sports broadcasts. I like also celebratory concerts. It is necessary to show them more, and necessarily cheerful. Behind a window and so a cold dog, and here still will charge for all day any tiresome tjagomotinu. Also it is necessary to do something with advertising! If also there is something interesting on the TV it it is impossible to look: every five minutes - foolish commercials and prompts. Where it is advertising service of ORT saw lately kind and cheerful people with flags and headers on demonstration? It only irritates people.

Jacob Kostjukovsky, the writer:
- I consider that celebratory programs or should not be at all, or the minimum. I was irritated always with such celebratory fun on television. In such days there should be an installation on the best as during this moment the screen has a majority of televiewers. And all the best was saved by years. Though frequently and in it the measure is not observed. I very much love films of Gajdaja, but lately them too much. It is good that have shown a film the Thief work rather disputable, but worthy. And in general, the television management should remember always that tickets in cinemas are very expensive.

Clara Luchko, the actress:
- I in general have ceased to watch TV, and the more so on May, 1st. And NTV for me has ceased to exist as a television channel. It is opposite to me to look, how still the live generation is infinite shpynjajut and humiliate. To whom can the old woman holding a red flag on meeting on May, 1st prevent? They old, they needed to live a little more. So leave them alone, let they live the ideals. Probably, similar programs with vile comments are necessary only to journalists. And on May, 9th I think the TV not to include at all.

Ilya Reznikov, the operating partner of the company Interkonnekt :
- I at all do not divide life into holidays and everyday life. But if so happens, I would like to look every day good films. And basically I look news programs. In such weather hockey Russia - Belarus was pertinent just. Ice all - taki. And here the result was much more opposite than weather. It - that most of all also has afflicted.

Arcady Viner, the writer:
- Frankly speaking, I would look everything, there would be a free time. Here during a breakfast has looked at a concert in honour of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. But to all the miscellaneous - to whom of the bottoms is necessary, to whom popadja, to whom popova a daughter. And our television as a whole meets requirements of spectators - broadcasts many channels, there are many transfers on the most refined taste.

Sergey Lupashko, the president financially - industrial corporation Reskor :
- And on - to mine, the TV worked in the usual, every day mode, I have not noticed any celebratory changes in the program. There were any concerts, but them it is impossible to look - Alena Apina, Bogdan Titomir... Films sufficed, but all already twisted. American - very much average, and new Russian of cinema for a long time it is not so visible. It is necessary to show on holidays more than good entertaining films, to increase number of comic programmes or to extend Dolls Total . Not bad to reduce everyones a current - show and Lotto which are necessary to nobody. So it seems to me. And in such weather necessarily it is necessary to watch TV, and there - any holiday! And inexcusably it is a lot of advertising.

Vladimir Solovev, the senior public prosecutor - the criminalist of the State Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation:
- I looked only entertaining programs. In our life and so much all negative, therefore at least on holidays would be desirable to see a positive. Even during war at us was more than celebratory and entertaining programs, than now. On - to mine, one insurgents presently began to show. Therefore I seldom watch TV, and it is a lot of work.

Elena Lebedev, the director for creative work of Fund of development of the Russian television:
- the miscellaneous would be desirable to look At each holiday. In New year it would be desirable a fairy tale, and on May, 9th - to watch a strong film about war, to shed tear, to remember the father. And in general, it is necessary, that the soul had a rest, was adjusted on a normal harmony. Whether it be a concert, game, the program - the main thing that they were cheerful, interesting and highly artistic. With pleasure has looked at a slice from Twelve chairs it is classics, it is possible to look one thousand times. Has very much pleased a concert of memory of Miguli. And yesterday has thrown all affairs and looked Pierre Rishara.

Vladimir Lukin, the chairman of committee of the State Duma on the international affairs:
- I look these days 17 instants of spring . In general, the celebratory program should not be such what it is now. In target and holidays, by the way, it is worse, than in everyday life: transfer news as though life stops a little, serials stop - personally I do not love them, but after all very many look. Namely in these holidays all from beds including I, have returned to TVs. But even the channel Culture in everyday life it is better, than on holidays. All this boredom will be rehabilitated only by Stierlitz and translations of basketball matches. Here sports on television really do not suffice me.