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Chevrolet Blazer is laid off

Dear foreign cars are necessary to nobody
  Chevrolet Blazer is laid off
Dear foreign cars are necessary to nobody

last week Elabuzhsky car factory (ElAZ, Tatarija) has stopped assemblage of off-road cars of Chevrolet Blazer. It not simply difficulties of one, let and the superambitious project. It is a question of consequences of scale change of consumer preferences of the Russian motorists more likely. Now foreign cars choose, proceeding from a principle the cheap car which looks as expensive and prestigious .

in Chevrolet Blazer Manufacture in Elabuge was engaged organised in 1995 of the joint venture Corporation ElAz - DM . The quarter of actions of the enterprise belongs to General Motors, the others - are divided in equal shares between the governments of Russia and Tatarii.

Chevrolets Blazer in Elabuge let out since December, 1996. The project opened with the big pomp: the first car accepted Victor Tchernomyrdin and Anatoly Chubays. Already in half a year ElAZ should let out half-thousand off-road cars monthly, and by the end of 1998 it was promised to reach a boundary in 50 thousand cars a year. For the purpose of the maximum reduction in price of the car for otvertochnoj assemblages were used mashinokomplekty Brazilian, instead of the American manufacture. As a result cleared American Blazer in Russia in 1996 - 1997 cost about $40 thousand, and elabuzhtsy could offer off-road cars of the same mark on $24 thousand (in the minimum complete set).
But the enterprise has not reached outstanding successes: for 2,5 years of its activity it has been sold only 4 thousand off-road cars. Thus, average productivity of the enterprise made 1,6 thousand cars a year - more than in 30 times below design. Now, by data Interfax - AFI manufacture of cars also is at all stopped. It is easy to assume that the project Tatar Blazer has killed the August crisis which once again has changed consumer preferences of the Russian motorists.
we will remind that in the beginning 90 - h years of a foreign car bought seldom and exclusively for prestige and for daily using representatives of middle class (major customers of car factories) preferred the Russian cars. In 1995 - 1998 inexpensive foreign cars were made even in the price with Samaras in tens and Volgami and on them began to look as at quite equivalent replacement of production of domestic car industry.
After crisis the role of the daily car was tightly grasped again by the Russian cars which suddenly have fallen in price in dollar expression in 2 - 2,5 times. And the buyer has started to approach to a choice of a foreign car very much and very carefully is there should be a car and to show off and for daily trips simultaneously.
now the formula of consumer preference sounds so: it is As much as possible car for as it is possible smaller money . In March magazine MONEY wrote that the ceiling price of the car which can be sold in Russia in commodity quantities (5 - 10 thousand a year), makes $13 - 14 thousand That is it is very inexpensive foreign car. It is desirable, that it there was a four-door five-seater sedan: such cars are universal, on them it is possible to go both on a business meeting, and on a summer residence (to buy two cars for the decision of two different problems now it is too unprofitable). At last, this car at least dimensions should be similar to expensive colleagues - on Skoda Felicia on a business meeting to be inconveniently.
for this reason Nissan cars (the price from $12,5 thousand) are on sale now in Russia better, than Skoda ($7,3 - 8,1 thousand) : Nissan Almera with a body a sedan and is longer hetchbeka Skoda Felicia on 46 sm, and looks more solid. It is interesting that the leader of sales among foreign cars of last year - Daewoo Nexia - is even longer, than Almera (on 6 sm), and too represents a four-door five-seater sedan. Result: in 1998 in Russia through official dealer networks 16 316 cars of Daewoo, 7 292 cars of Nissan and 6 737 cars of Skoda have been sold.
it is necessary to tell that a management ElAZ - DM has tried to consider a new situation. Already after crisis price Blazer in the minimum complete set (only one leading bridge, and from navorotov - only the wheel hydraulic booster) has been lowered on third - to $16,2 thousand In January it was promised to each buyer Blazer to fill in free of charge in a tank of its car of 3 thousand in l of gasoline within 1999. Nevertheless by May assemblage of cars should be stopped.
it is quite explainable. Certainly, elabuzhsky Blazer costs now rather cheaply though looks as expensive car. Nevertheless below treasured line - 14 thousand its price and has not fallen to $13. And then, rear-wheel Blazer in general it is difficult to name high-grade car. It already and not an off-road car, but also not the versatile person - too heavy and bulky. Under definition the car for all occasions it too does not approach: on a summer residence it is possible to go, and here on business meetings - is not present. Now ElAZ will let out legkovushki Opel Vectra. According to the chairman of the commission concerning economic development and reforms of State Council Tatarii Marata of Galeyev, the first 50 mashinokomplektov Vectra will arrive in May. Though no data about the price of Tatar Opel while is present, it is possible to assume that it will be the direct competitor of Moscow Renault Megane (floor price - $13,5 thousand) which assemblage has begun last week.