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In the history of world astronautics nonprofessionals have made space till now only nesko
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In the history of world astronautics nonprofessionals have made till now some flights, and only three of them were commercial. In 1985 week flight in space by the American ship Discovery was made by the crown prince of Saudi Arabia Sultan Salman ibn Abdul Aziz al - Saud. He observed of a conclusion to an orbit of first Saudi communication satellite Arabsat. In 1990 the commentator of programs of the international news of Japanese television corporation TBS Toehiro Akijama has stayed seven days at station the World . This flight has managed TBS in $25 million In 1991 the process engineer of confectionery company Mars Englishwoman Helen Sharman has spent week on an orbital complex the World . Under contract Mars should pay $17 million, however the president of the USSR Michael Gorbachev under the request Margaret Thatcher has disposed not to take money for flight.
the first state official has gone to space in 1985: on shuttle STS - 51D flight was made by the American senator Edvin Garn, and next year on shuttle STS - 61 into an orbit congressman Klerens Nelson has gone. Last year with week visit on a complex the World has visited eks - the assistant to the president of the Russian Federation Yury Baturin. It is not indifferent to space and the present governor of the Saratov region Dmitry Ayatskov: into its plans enters to make flight into an orbit in 2001, in honour of 40 - letija Yury Gagarin`s flight. And money for this flight, according to Ayatskov, at it already is: their distances the Saratov patrons of art.