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Schumacher wins and there is in leaders

past Sunday a pilot of Ferrari German Michael Schumacher has celebrated the p
  Schumacher wins and leaves in leaders
past Sunday the pilot of Ferrari German Michael Schumacher has celebrated the first victory in the present championship Formulas - 1 . He has confidently won Gran - at the Dignity - Marino and left in leaders in the general offset.

Race on the well-known autodrome of a name of Entso and Dino of Ferrari, as well as two previous, has turned out very dramatic. Everything began, as usual: on Friday and on Saturday McLaren were out of competition. It seemed, nothing will prevent them to issue on Sunday at last de - fakto leadership in the championship. But on 18 - the m a circle happens the improbable: World champion confidently going in advance all Finn Mika Hakkinen has admitted a gross blunder at an exit from the next turn, and its car has thrown out from a line.
Hakkinen David Coulthard`s partner has appeared obviously is not ready to rivalry with Michael Schumacher. The German has bypassed the Scot at the expense of correctly chosen tactics pit - stop. Schumacher`s Ferrari easily enough maintained the rate offered second McLaren, and has soon started to reduce backlog. And after the first refuelling the German was already ahead, and Schumacher`s separation from Coulthard continued to increase.
it was already 34 - j success for Schumacher in his career (by the way, only Alain Prost and Ayrton Senna have won more Gran - at, than Michael). But there is no doubt that, rising on Sunday on a podium, he had special feeling. After all the German has brought Ferrari the first victory for last 16 years on a house line. Now that from the hero to turn to an idol, it needs to take only one step: To win the World championship. By the way, it was not possible to pilots of Ferrari to make it 20 years.
the today`s success is a victory of all command, - so has begun the performance on a press - conferences after race Schumacher. - we have chosen correct tactics though to dare at it was very uneasy . Did not look upset and Coulthard: I do not have the basis to be upset. I have won the first points on account of this championship. To catch up with Schumacher to me a considerable quantity of the racers who have lagged behind on a circle " has not allowed only;. It was possible to talk to journalists and to Hakkinen though - conference he has not been invited to a press. When it have asked, in what the reason of its failure, the Finn has told, having thought a little: Perhaps, it was really my error .
it is natural that on Sunday evening and all the Monday long admirers Scuderias and Schumacher roughly celebrated a victory at a stage. In celebrations has taken part 90 thousand (!) Fans. But they behaved very much organizovanno. Almost the same as and on Friday when together with admirers of other commands participated in the ceremony devoted to memory of Brazilian Ayrton Senna and Austrian Rolanda Rattsenbergera which were lost on autodrome in Imola five years ago. Fans of motor racing have gathered at Senna`s established nearby to a place of accident monument, and have assigned to it flowers.
to the friend Senna has devoted the third place and Brazilian Rubens Barrichello from Stewart. Imola - a special place for me, - he has told. - I trust, it again will change my life. But on it time to the best. After all that I have worried last five years is and problems in a command, and complexities in my private life - me very much were to be believed that good luck has turned at last to me the person. In 1994 I here have got to a severe accident. It was to tragedy with Ayrton. And I was happy already simply because have survived .