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Brothers - robbers did not disdain linen killed

In Moscow Regional Court process over a Gipsy gang of brothers of Albok has come to the end. In September
  Brothers - robbers did not disdain linen killed
In Moscow Regional Court process over a Gipsy gang of brothers of Albok has come to the end. In September, 1996 only for one week they have made in Moscow suburbs of 14 armed assaults on passengers of electric trains. Gangsters were killed by seven persons and several more were hard wounded. On a judgement brothers will go now for long time to jails.

Brothers of Zoltan, Oleg, Stepan and Yury Alboki together with the camp have arrived to Russia from Zakarpatja (by origin they the Hungarian gipsies). A camp have stretched nearby to station Bittsa situated near Moscow. And if other gipsies were engaged in a traditional craft - begging Alboki have selected for themselves more effective way of enrichment: began to plunder in vicinities of station of passengers of electric trains.
they operated always under one scheme. Looked out for the tall young man (probably, considering that at such is more than money), surrounded it and distracted questions like what time is it now? or whether is not present to light? . During this moment somebody from gipsies approached to a victim behind and a scrap of a pipe or armature put a strong blow to the head. Then brothers snatched at once and finished a victim.
sometimes Alboki started knifes, but blows thus put in a neck not to spoil clothes. Criminals were so are poor that rejoiced to any extraction. Therefore tried to finish off at once the person, and then collected with dead all that is possible. Removed outer clothing, boots, did not disdain even underwear.
Some victims of attacks managed to escape and escape. They also have put on the track gangs of militiamen. Employees Vidnovsky OVD, having surrounded a camp in Bittse, have conducted at gipsies a search and have found set of the things which have been removed from plundered passengers.
brothers of Albok have arrested. On a consequence and in court gipsies recognised the fault only partially - they denied murders. Before transfer of business to court they have demanded participation in it of jurymen. However, according to lawyers Albokov, nonresident gipsies - murderers hardly would cause pity in jurymen. As a result defenders managed to overpersuade wards, and business was considered by court in traditional structure - the chairman and two assessors.
before the beginning of process gipsies have demanded the translator on the Hungarian. The translator to them have given, though as have shown the subsequent sessions, gipsies perfectly understood participants of process and without it. In last word of Alboki asked about indulgence in pure Russian.
it has not touched Court. Oleg and Stepan Albokov have sentenced to 15 years of imprisonment (with serving of the first 14 years in prison), and Zoltana and Yury Albokov - to 11 and 10 years of imprisonment accordingly. Younger Albok, minor Yury, having heard a sentence, has burst into tears. On it someone from a hall has noticed: That cry - that, in olden days them to a wall would put .