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The assistant Rutsky has gone on hunger strike

It the public prosecutor
  the Assistant Rutsky has gone on hunger strike
He was offended by the public prosecutor

Vitse - the governor of Kursk area Vladimir Bunchuk who is more of ten months under guards on charge in plunder 7,5 mlrd of not denominated roubles, declared hunger-strike in a pre-trial detention centre. He protests against humiliations from regional public prosecutor Nikolay Tkacheva who, according to Bunchuka, at personal meeting named it the six working on the criminal organisation - administration of Kursk area .

the Former judge spetssuda on Baikonur Vladimir Bunchuk in 1995 has moved to Kursk area and has organised a small bakery. When Alexander Rutsky became the governor of the region, Bunchuka took in administration the vice-president of committee on business development. The committee was headed by Yury Kononchuk who Rutsky has brought from Moscow, having learnt about its commercial successes.
in the summer of 1998 of Yury Kononchuka and Vladimir Bunchuka which already were by then vitse - governors, have arrested on charge in abusing the powers of office which have entailed heavy consequences. After half a year the Kursk regional Office of Public Prosecutor has decided that both of them have made not abusing, and more grave crime: have stolen 7,5 mlrd roubles (all sums are specified without denomination as the events which have formed the basis for excitation of criminal case, concern 1997).
According to the investigation, plunder has been made at purchase by regional administration of 100 combines Don - 1500. Them has bought on a Rostselmash a certain firm Roskomplekt Having paid on 11 mlrd roubles less, than by it it has been received from administration. From these 11 mlrd, under the version of Office of Public Prosecutor, 7,5 mlrd rbl. have been cashed through the Moscow Open Company EVISS and have arrived into the account of the German company NIK Aussenhandel GmbH headed by son-in-law Kononchuka Sergey Rubinshtejnom. It was preceded by the conclusion Roskomplektom contracts with firm Rubinshtejna about carrying out by it for 25 mlrd rbl. of works on finishing of combines Don - 1500 to world level. The consequence considers what to carry out this contract gathered nobody.
the Office of Public Prosecutor has accused Kononchuka that it, having the mercenary interest directed on enrichment of members of the family, has instructed to conclude the unreasonable contract with NIK Aussenhandel GmbH and to list the large sum from the area budget to the son-in-law . Bunchuku is incriminated that it supervised actions directors Roskomplekta On the conclusion of the contract with firm Rubinshtejna with which help it was possible to steal.
under informal data, relatives of Kononchuka have suggested to transfer for its clearing into account administrations of Kursk area about $700 thousand, however zamgenprokurora Michael Katyshev, having thought over this offer, has declared that the auction here is inappropriate. Bunchuk has appealed against against arrest in Leninsk district court of Kursk, but also was refused.
one of these days Vladimir Bunchuk has sent the public prosecutor of Kursk area Nikolay Tkachevu the statement for the hunger-strike beginning in protest against humiliation of its advantage . Under the statement of Bunchuka, Tkachev in a personal meeting proceeding three hour said to it that despises such people, as it that Bunchuk is in the service in the criminal organisation - administrations of Kursk area that it the six . Bunchuk asserts that the regional public prosecutor has promised to facilitate its fate (to give the best conditions in a pre-trial detention centre or even to release from - under guards) if that gives evidences on Rutsky.
Lawyer Bunchuka Yury Sorokin has informed the correspondent that after conversation of its client with the public prosecutor and without that the health of Bunchuka undermined in prison has worsened: at it sight began to vanish and the foot has grown dumb. The lawyer has addressed in Kursk regional court with the statement for clearing of Bunchuka from - under guards for treatment which cannot be spent in the conditions of a pre-trial detention centre that prison physicians have confirmed officially.
meanwhile the Office of Public Prosecutor does not intend to release Bunchuka at least till June, 10th - before this date the term of investigation is prolonged. To statements of Bunchuka that it only followed instructions of chief Kononchuka and did not assume about commission of crime inspectors do not trust. And as vitse - the governor gives insincere Indications in Office of Public Prosecutor are afraid that at liberty he will try to destroy proofs of the fault.
will continue to watch this business.