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In Crosses it is possible to get for money

the Management of the Petersburg management of execution of punishments has decided to follow
  In Crosses it is possible to get for money
the Management of the Petersburg management of execution of punishments has decided to follow the lead of the Moscow colleagues who have opened a museum in well-known Butyrke . Now the similar museum exists and in the biggest pre-trial detention centre of Europe - Petersburg Crosses . However, it is possible to get there while only as a part of group under the forward ordering. For correspondent ANDREY - TSYGANOV museum workers Crosses have made an exception.

Establishment FROM 45/ 1, in popular speech Crosses It has been constructed in the middle of a XIX-th century under instructions of emperor Nikolay I and originally intended for the maintenance of political prisoners. Therefore the majority of chambers in an insulator is singles the area of 12 sq. m (now in them contain on 12 - 15 persons, and all in Crosses 11 thousand prisoners).
the Name Crosses the prison has received thanks to the form of its two cases - if to look from above, they remind crosses. In each of them on four floors which, in turn, consist of four galleries, on everyone - on 30 chambers. In both cases - walking court yard, the area of one - hardly more than 10 sq. m. Besides, in each case are 15 offices in which women under investigation meet inspectors and lawyers.
a management Crosses has without thinking twice added to the arsenal experience of Muscovites: as well as Butyrku The Petersburg insulator can be visited only as a part of group on the days off from 10 mornings till a dinner. Official excursions will begin since May, 15th. The input will cost 50 roubles for citizens of the CIS and $10 for foreigners. Except money, tourists need to take with itself passports - they are necessary for leaving at an input on establishment territory. During excursion to visitors will show one of prison cases, investigatory offices, a court yard, will deduce on a circle where prisoners walk, will give the chance to glance in chambers. Attempts of dialogue with convicts will be stopped by specially allocated protection.
we will remind that Crosses - one of few correctional facilities of Russia in whom, up to signing by the government of the Russian Federation of the moratorium on the death penalty, death sentences were carried out. Whether to tourists will show a place where shot sentenced, the insulator administration yet has not solved.
a museum, as well as in Moscow Butyrke represents a small premise where, actually, and will tell about stories Crosses . In the same place the administration intends to open an exhibition - sale of the subjects made by inhabitants of an insulator from bread and other subsidiary materials. Further a management Crosses expects to release one of chambers for tourists - that those could experience all delights of prison life up to the end. According to the chief of the Petersburg management of execution of punishments Vladimir Spitsnadelja, visiting of a prison museum it will be interesting not only to adventurouses, but also potential sideltsam .
the group of employees of traffic police of one of RUVD Petersburg became the First visitors of a new museum. According to Spitsnadelja, excursion has made upon them very big impression.
now management GUIN carries on negotiations with museum administration the Peter and Paul Fortress About creation of a uniform tourist route: From political prison (the Alekseevsky ravelin in Petropavlovke) to criminal .