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The Jew has gone on the Jew

Settlers have beaten off attack preer - the minister
  the Jew has gone on the Jew
Settlers have beaten off attack preer - the minister

Yesterday the Israeli authorities have tried to take down the constructions illegally built near of the Jewish settlement Shvut - Rahel in northern part of the West Bank of Jordan which is under the Palestinian jurisdiction. But furious settlers have blocked a way to soldiers.

According to recent arrangements with Palestinians of premieres - the minister of Israel Ehud the Barrack has made the order by the next Friday to take down ten so-called advanced posts. These are the constructions autocratically constructed by settlers ostensibly on a case of collision with Palestinians. But actually advanced posts were created that attendance order to kill to settlement territory the additional areas. Settlers established water towers on the unoccupied earths, put houses - trailers and containers. Palestinians, naturally, protested, but the former government led by Binjamin Netanjahu ignored these protests.
seriously having decided to make the peace with Palestinians, the prime minister the Barrack has led dialogue with Council of settlements of West cost and Gaza Strip about a pulling down of illegal constructions. The compromise has been as a result reached: in the near future will be taken down only 10 - 12 of 42 advanced posts. However and such decision has not satisfied inhabitants of settlement Shvut - Rahel which have not allowed yesterday to dismantle construction at top of the Hill 804. They have surrounded an advanced post and have not allowed to come nearer to it to soldiers and technics. today advanced posts, tomorrow - Jerusalem - posters said.
Now the Barrack abuse all - both the Jewish settlers, and Palestinians. The last consider illegal not only advanced posts, but also all settlements in autonomy territory (them more than 145). And the compromise with settlers perceive as the consent of the prime minister to tactics of capture of the Palestinian earths.