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Production was divided

Even by quotas does not remain
  Production have divided
Even quotas does not remain

Yesterday the Duma has included a hydrocarbonic site of bowels Northern territories and the Priobsky oil deposit in number of areas of mining operations which can be developed on the terms of agreements on production section (SRP). The concession of the left majority of the Duma to investors at all does not mean that communists have suddenly estimated advantage SRP. The main problem - legislatively established 30 - a percentage quota on the reconnoitered stocks, allowing to block any new project on SRP, - on - former remained unresolved.

Every time the left Duma majority reluctantly makes additions to lists of deposits on SRP. One remember native land sale, others kamuflirujut the same idea contradictions between the legislation about SRP and other laws. Two weeks ago deputies under the pressure of communists wanted to reject in general expansion of the list of the deposits opened for SRP. Then the main obstacle have found in the law about SRP according to which attraction of investors to working out of deposits on the terms of SRP has rigid restriction - no more than 30 % of the reconnoitered stocks of corresponding minerals. And as landowner Adrian Puzanovsky has counted up, Nenets and Priobsky deposits give to potential investors possibility to use 33 % of stocks . Eventually, have solved: the government will give to deputies the official inquiry confirming that 30 - the percentage quota is not filled, and Puzanovsky Was mistaken in calculations . Yesterday the inquiry has been presented, and deputies were satisfied. Priobsky and Nenets oil deposits had a chance to involve investors. However the main problem connected with 30 - a percentage quota, and remained unresolved. And now opponents SRP in the Duma can block or delay expansion of scopes of application SRP without special work.
the Ill-starred quota already almost is completely chosen. And deputies prefer attraction of investors within the limits of SRP to old and already maloperspektivnym - on them 15 % of stocks are necessary oil deposits; zapolnennost quotas on new deposits more low - only 13,5 %.
According to representatives of LUKOIL, nedropolzovatelja Northern territories 30 - percentage restriction does not give possibility for an effective utilisation of the deposits which working out in an operating tax mode becomes inexpedient. Oil industry workers are supported also by the vice-president of committee on the industry Yury Tan. many agree that is better there would be in general this restriction in 30 % to clean, - he admitted. - only here such for what will not pass in this Duma . Therefore Ministry of Fuel and Energy offers other variant: not to include in this quota the old reconnoitered oil deposits, and to leave it only for the new. Then there are essential reserves for acceptance of new bills on SRP.
By the way, the fortnight delay already has rather painfully affected on nedropolzovateljah the mentioned deposits - the companies LUKOIL and YUKOS. Negotiations with foreign investors under the project Northern territories were tightened, and they planned to enclose in its realisation $400 million