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Russia will fall on inaccessible depth

tests of the newest submarine
  Russia will fall on inaccessible depth
tests of the newest submarine

Officers - verifiers of the Baltic fleet have begun factory trial runs of the unique deep-water submarine of small size Russia . After tests and the analysis of their results next year the state tests of a new submarine in Atlantic should take place. There the submarine crew can spend its immersing on the maximum depth of 6000 m.

the History of creation of this unique submarine deserves the separate story.
on October, 3rd, 1986 on a nuclear rocket submarine To - 219 projects 667 Northern fleet there was an explosion of one of rockets and there was a fire. The boat bore fighting watch in Atlantic in 1000 km severo - to the east of Bermuda.
the submarine has managed to emerge. At the cost of the life four seamen it was possible to muffle a nuclear reactor, but to rescue a boat it was not possible. The crew has been evacuated on the approached Soviet military ships, and on October, 6th To - 219 has sunk together with 15 not blown up ballistic missiles RSM - 25 on depth of 6000 m. the True cause of accident is not established till now.
after that the design assignment of a unique deep-water submarine has been given out. The Central Committee of the CPSU and Ministerial council have charged Leningrad TSKB - 16 Malachite urgently to design mini - a submarine of the project 1681 with depth of immersing to 6000 m - for inspection of a place of accident To - 219.
After six years the project was ready. And on June, 1st, 1992 on building berths of the Leningrad Admiralty association have put the first submarine Russia for Northern fleet (the second, the Consul for Pacific fleet has been put in 1997 and it is now completed).

the Submarine Russia the Width and submarine height - 3,7 m. Weight - 24 t has length of 8 m. Depth of immersing - 6000 m. Time of immersing (emersion) for depth of 6000 m - 2,5 ch. The maximum speed - 3 knots. Autonomy of swimming - to 80 ch. Crew - 2 - 3 persons.

the case Russia it is made of titanic alloys. The crew takes place in the spherical strong case in diameter of 2,1 m on plank beds. Movement and submarine maneuvering is made by means of six dvizhitelej. Presence of powerful hydroacoustic station allows to find out obstacles in a distance to 750 m. Russia it is equipped by the manipulator. The submarine can carry out delivery to a ground and from a ground of subjects in weight to 400 kg. Besides, there is also a drilling unit with which help probably to spend drilling on depth to 3 m.
With the introduction ` Russia ` in fighting structure the Russian fleet will receive the unsurpassed submarine, capable to carry out not only poiskovo - salvage operations on the big depths, but also to conduct complex scientific researches - has declared to the correspondent the high-ranking source in the General staff of the Navy of Russia.
if Russia next year will pass state tests can go at last to a place of accident of a boat To - 219. Russia will transfer not only a video information, but also, probably, will lift fragments of an emergency submarine that will allow experts to establish true causes of the tragedy after almost one and a half ten years.