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Bomb for the Chinese visitor

Tszjan Zemin has arrived to London
  the Bomb for the Chinese visitor
Tszjan Zemin has arrived to London

Yesterday with official visit to Great Britain has begun 17 - dnevnyj voyage of the chairman of the Peoples Republic of China across Europe and Africa. And though Tszjan Zemin intends to sign some quite concrete contracts on cooperation, in particular in the field of gas supply, its basic purpose - to show to Europeans that China is a force, and its leader - a head.

the First in the history britano - the Chinese relations to visit of the Chinese leader to London was preceded by the massed Antichinese action of the British mass-media. At first newspaper Observer, obviously wishing to spoil atmosphere of historical action, has resulted new acknowledgement of the version on deliberate character of bombardment of embassy of the Peoples Republic of China in Belgrad. Then Sunday Telegraph has informed on plans of China on destabilization of a financial system of the West in case of an aggravation of its relations from the Peoples Republic of China.
reaction of a management of the Peoples Republic of China to these publications has once again shown that Chineses - pragmatists and born diplomats. Tszjan Zemin has accepted Madeleine Olbrajt and Robina Cook`s assurances that NATO bombs have fallen to the Chinese embassy by an error (however, if necessary Beijing can declare again that yet has not received convincing proofs and demands the further investigations and punishment guilty), and has bypassed significant silence message Sunday Telegraph.
Already having arrived to London, the chairman of the Peoples Republic of China has not noticed demonstrators meeting it with posters bloody murderers and To release Tibet . The British authorities to which, by the way, too has got from the human rights organisations which have organised demonstration for duplicity (London pursues Pinocheta, condemns martial law introduction in Pakistan and simultaneously unrolls a red carpet before Tszjan Zemin ) In turn, prefer to see in China only positive. In particular, London is happy with that Beijing has constrained the promises and has kept in transferred to it in 1997 Hong Kong democratic traditions.
in general Tszjan Zemin`s visit has had at the moment of blossoming Chinese - the British relations. The British export to China reaches 1 mlrd pounds a year ($1,6 mlrd), Great Britain is in the lead in Europe on volume of investments into the Chinese projects. For comparison: Russia now can brag only of participation in atomic power station building in a province of Jiangsu. The beginning of works is planned for October, 20th in this connection yesterday Boris Yeltsin has sent Tszjan Zemin a congratulation in which has expressed hope that Russia can construct not two as it has been stipulated earlier, and all four power units of the atomic power station.
however, Tszjan Zemin whom the message of the Russian president has overtaken in London, now is more anxious by accession to WTO. The structure of the Chinese delegation includes the minister of trade of the Peoples Republic of China Shi Guanshen who has renewed recently negotiations on this theme with the EU countries, interrupted after incident with the Chinese embassy in Belgrad. And though during visit to Great Britain, France and Portugal it is not planned signings of any concrete documents, Beijing expects to get support of Europe in negotiations from the USA which put to China the severe constraints of accession to WTO. Europe, most likely, will support Chineses not to quarrel with the country which, if to trust the same Sunday Telegraph, knowingly studies currency - George Soros`s who has undermined in 1992 of a position of pound sterling and English bank financial operations, and can easily spend $100 mlrd for destabilization of the European economy.