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Russia pays on the Serbian debts

To Yugoslavia again the Russian gas began to arrive. This event has before vseg
  Russia pays on the Serbian debts
To Yugoslavia the Russian gas again began to arrive. This event has first of all political value. Without gas Serbs hardly would worry winter. Now the probability of revolt against Milosevic has considerably decreased. However Moscow considers that the Russian gas will not strengthen a position of the Belgrad mode.

the Arrangement on gas deliveries to Yugoslavia has been reached in September during visit to Moscow Serbian prime minister Mirko Marjanovicha. For Belgrad these deliveries have the vital value. On the Russian gas works more than 70 % teplostantsy in Serbia, and in the Yugoslavian capital - practically all.
However until quite recently Hungary refused to pass gas. Belgrad has run into debt to it for $20 million transit, and money for paying off, at it is not present. Hungarians have occupied a hard line. Representatives of firm the PIER which carries out transit and storage of the Russian gas, have unequivocally declared: without debt payment humanitarian deliveries are impossible even.
meanwhile the temperature in Serbia last days has considerably fallen, and batteries in houses remained cold. And here to the aid of Belgrad Moscow again has come. The director of leading Serbian concern the Oil industry of Serbia (NIS) Zhivko Shoklovachki declared yesterday that a debt of Yugoslavia has incurred one Russian firm and NIS will pay off with it deliveries of the goods to a compensatory basis. It did not begin to open a name of firm.
yesterday from the circles close to Gazprom It became known, what exactly the Russian gas giant has represented itself as the guarantor at payment of expenses for gas transportation through territory of Hungary. While to Serbia 5 million cubic metre of the Russian gas will daily arrive, then the volume of deliveries will be increased to 7 million In Belgrad consider that together with one million cubic metre which are extracted in the Yugoslavia, it will suffice to winter.
deliveries of the Russian gas, certainly, will lower social intensity in Serbia a little, and danger of national revolt against Milosevic`s mode will decrease. In the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs it understand. But consider that rendering assistance to the population of Yugoslavia should not be co-ordinated to Milosevic`s destiny.
Milosevic does not cause special sympathies in us, - have declared to the correspondent in the Russian diplomatic circles. - but ten millions persons cannot be hostages of one politician . Besides, interlocutors consider, to leave Yugoslavs in general unaided - means to doom them to slow extinction in the conditions of isolation. And in such circle Milosevic feels comfortably and could correct the country till the end of the days.