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Spartaku again it is necessary to win

Today in Luzniki Spartaku which thanks to a Saturday victory over Lokom
  Spartaku again it is necessary to win
Today in Luzniki Spartaku which thanks to a Saturday victory over the Locomotive actually guaranteed to itself the next title of the best Russian club, it is necessary not less important match. To keep good chances of an exit in the second circle of League of champions, it is necessary for Oleg Romantseva`s command to win against French Bordeaux . That Bordeaux to which Spartak has conceded three weeks ago.

After Gold games with the Locomotive Romantsev has given to the football players day of rest. And on Monday all spartakovtsy (except for exposed for Ilya Tsymbalar and Anatoly Kanishcheva`s transfer) have gathered on club base in Tarasovke. Have gathered in very good mood which could not spoil and given an unpleasant surprise in the form of snow weather. Even Robson perfectly felt. By the way, the Brazilian - unique loss in numbers it is red - white: term of disqualification of the forward for removal in a match with Sparta yet has not expired, and with Bordeaux he cannot play.
Romantsev does not hide that is anxious by Robson`s absence. if at themselves Frenchmen attacked much, in Moscow will operate for certain strictly from defence - the instructor spartakovtsev speaks. For this reason it is red - white and would be useful Brazilian attacking which is recently on lifting.
And to hammer Spartaku in Luzniki it is necessary. We will remind that now the Russian champion on the third place in group, lagging behind and from Bordeaux and from Sparta . So if today he will not achieve a victory the situation for our club becomes critical: it is necessary to win both remained matches - at home with Willem and on a visit with prazhanami.
However, spartakovtsy, apparently, are ready to a key match not bad. And physically, despite really cruel schedule of performances in the autumn that game with " has shown; the Locomotive and psychologically. And the second factor can quite appear solving: in such matches all often solves character. After a Saturday meeting the leader of Muscovites Andrey Tikhonov have asked, whether have forgotten it and its partners in a national team the Ukrainian nightmare . Tikhonov has answered it: At all to forget such it is impossible. But in the field, believe, we do not think of it .
All is normal, seemingly, and with Filimonovym. Confident game against railwaymen spartakovsky the goalkeeper has proved that a fatal flaw in a match with Ukrainians not has broken it. Alexander in general the proof guy. All of us believed that it can overcome shock - the same Tikhonov speaks.
the contender it is red - white has arrived to Moscow on Monday evening. The French delegation which has taken place in hotel Sofitel looked more than solidly: to Russia from Bordeaux there have arrived 180 persons - football players, trainers, heads of a command and journalists. So much people did not carry with themselves even Real with Interom ! By the way, one player Bordeaux reached Moscow independently: it is a question of young attacking Paskale Fejnduno who flied on a match from native Guinea.
the Trainer of visitors Ales the Bop, judging by its statements, is far from shapkozakidatelskih moods. Yes, he is pleased with that fact that in October Bordeaux at last began to show again champion game that at the full capacity operates an attacking triangle Frenchmen of Silven Viltord - Lilian Lasland - Joann Miku. On the other hand, I understand that it is necessary to us uneasy in Moscow. ` Spartak ` - very much a hot team, houses she, certainly, will play more powerfully, rather than three weeks ago, - the Bop has told. - and at us the basic defender of Nish is injured by Savelich, therefore I should worry for defence .
the French instructor has refused to do the Forecast for a game outcome. He has only declared that, by its calculations to guarantee a place in the second round of League of champions, it is necessary to type 11 points. Seven at Bordeaux already is, and consequently, in the remained three matches it is necessary to add to them four more. Let`s try to solve a part of this problem in Moscow - with a smile has noticed the Bop.