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To predict hurricane it is impossible

So considers deputy chief Gidrometeobjuro of Moscow and Moscow Region, nachalni
  to Predict hurricane it is impossible
So the chief of laboratory of forecasts Valery Lukjanov considers deputy chief Gidrometeobjuro of Moscow and Moscow Region.
- I would like to pay your attention that any gidrometsluzhba gives the forecast, and no more that. Approximately as similar services abroad work also. For example, the American films about storm warnings before a tornado after which all organizovanno are evacuated, - fiction. And there people perish, houses fall and trees fly.
that we really can today? Approximately one days prior to possible hurricane to give the prevention of wind strengthening. The matter is that our locators only watch movement of storm fronts, but cannot precisely count their route. For example, last year`s Moscow hurricane was watched by some days while he stormed beyond Volga, - accordingly predicted wind strengthening in Moscow to 15 - 20 m/ second Only when our locator in Krylatsky (all in their Moscow service three.-) has marked it around the Wedge situated near Moscow, we have given to Muscovites storm warning. To a storm in capital there was all an hour - it was required to storm front exactly so much to overcome distance from the Wedge to Moscow.
as to technical equipment, at us business are even better, than in other regions. The Moscow bureau has at the order the supermodern computing system Cray intended for fast processing of the information, arriving with meteorological stations. In an ideal we would like to reconstruct cardinally all our system - even have offered the government the program which includes additional locators, meteorological stations and the companion. On all it is required about $10 million If to compare this figure to those losses which are suffered by a city and area from natural cataclysms, it will not seem the big.
but even at ideal equipment conversation can go only about more precisely to predict and faster to notify. Beforehand to specify with absolute accuracy time and a hurricane place today any weather service in the world cannot.