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the Moldavian bankers too want to supervise return of means of Tveruniversalbanka

Banks of Moldova do not agree with order of formation of coordination working group on development of the mechanism of return of means Russian Tveruniversalbankom in which representatives of Kazakhstan and Ukraine are included from the CIS countries only. The position of the Moldavian banks was commented by the chief of currency management of National bank of Moldova Vladimir Muntjanu representing interests of the Moldavian banks at a meeting of the largest creditors of Tveruniversalbanka in Moscow on August, 15th. All 24 banks of Moldova had corresponding accounts in Tveruniversalbanke. Their total losses are estimated in 20 mlrd roubles. G - n Muntjanu also has noticed that the Moldavian banks expected to return the means at the expense of the credits which have been given out by Tveruniversalbankom under guarantees of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation. However the Russian Ministry of Finance plans to extinguish these loans bills. As representative NBM, " has declared; the Central Bank of Russia has let know to banks - to non-residents that they cannot count on proceeds of credit of Tveruniversalbanka .

the Petersburg Savings Bank has created the investment company
the Affiliated investment company of the Petersburg bank of the Savings Bank of the Russian Federation the Savings Bank - the Capital according to its general director Evgenie Yelin, intend to be engaged in investments into the large industrial enterprises of a city. Mainly it will be exporters of production of machine-building branch. Besides, the Savings Bank - the Capital business - plans will be engaged in support of bank investments, financial planning and monitoring of projects, an estimation. The general director of the company has expressed confidence that in the investments nearest half a year at the expense of credit resources of the Petersburg Savings Bank will exceed $1 million Let`s remind that some months in St.-Petersburg the affiliated investment company of the Baltic bank created with participation of the American investors works.
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Novosibirsk promissory notes will extinguish taxes
the Head of administration of the Novosibirsk region Vitaly Muha has confirmed an order of application of mutual offset of payments in the regional budget and assignments from the regional budget at repayment of regional short-term promissory notes (KODO). The third series of bonds on 5 mlrd roubles is By this time extinguished. In total since May, 22nd it has been emitted bonds for the sum in 50 mlrd roubles.
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Dalrybbank has received the status of the guarantor of loans of IBRD And the European Reconstruction and Development Bank
As have told in bank, the initial sum of given out guarantees is defined at a rate of $10 million Besides, Dalrybbanku will be given out the grant at a rate of $1,5 million the Same sum it will receive as the soft loan for a period of eight years with a repayment delay for four years for a hardware and personnel preparation. In Primorski Krai it already the second bank which has received such status: in December of last year the guarantor of IBRD and the European Reconstruction and Development Bank became Far East bank.
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In Petersburg the bill centre
Founders of the regional centre in equal shares has started to work have acted a city administration and areas. Necessity of creation of the bill centre, according to its general director Denis Stadnika, is connected as with liquidation of a bill platform of Tveruniversalbanka (the most part of bills of administration addressed there), and with increase in quantity of municipal bills. Only from the beginning of July the committee on the finance at administration of St.-Petersburg has let out bills for the sum more than 115 mlrd roubles. The regional centre will be engaged is information - analytical service only the founders and to carry out support of bill programs of the emitters, directed first of all on a solution of a problem of non-payments. Now the centre works over the organisation of own trading platform on which bills of banks and local authorities, and also the bills of the enterprises having a respective commodity covering will be quoted.
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Estonian Savings Bank merges with industrial
Shareholders Estonian Hoiupank (savings bank) at extraordinary general meeting by overwhelming majority of votes have conferred to council of the Bank of power for the conclusion of the contract on association with Toostuspank (industrial bank). Thus the decision on increase in a share capital on 10 million crones is accepted. 1 million actions by a face-value on 10 crones will be let out. As a result the share capital will increase to 143 million crones. Hoiupank is the second, and Toostuspank - to the eighth on volume of balance among commercial banks of Estonia. After merge the volume of balance of incorporated bank will make more than 4 mlrd crones. Last year the profit of Estonian Savings Bank has made 27,86 million crones, and in first half of this year - 22,39 million crones.

Four French banks will open affiliated structures in Ukraine
It Credit Lyonnais, Societe Generale SA, Banque Nationale de Paris SA and Credit Commerciale de France SA. As mark foreign sources, in the near future banks intend to work in Ukraine with big clients. According to foreign experts, Despite necessity of modernisation of bank system of the country, and also reduction of degree of intervention for it from the government, 52 - the million population potentially represent perspective clientele for the western banks .

NatWest has outstripped Barclays
the British bank NatWest, having overtaken Barclays, has won first place in the national market of bank services to corporate clients, it is told in research Chartered Institute of Bankers. According to institute, in the beginning of this year the number of the companies using NatWest, has reached almost 68 thousand that makes 25,6 % of volume of the market. The number of corporate clients Barclays has decreased lately, and now its share in the market makes 24,8 %. On a share of other largest banks of the country - Lloyds TSB and Midland Bank - 15,7 % and 13,7 % of big clients are necessary accordingly.