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Deputies trust the governor

the Seaside regional thought has entered last and a decisive battle for the governor of Primorski Krai Evgenie Nazdratenko. Probably, so it is possible to interpret actions of regional deputies which have spent an extraordinary session and have appointed to September, 22nd obshchekraevoj a referendum. Primortsy should answer a unique question: whether you Trust the governor of Primorski Territory Evgenie Ivanovichu Nazdratenko?

As has explained at a thought emergency meeting one of its initiators vitse - speaker Nikolay Kretsu, necessity even in one voting (governor`s elections in Primorski Krai have taken place in December, 1995) is caused injust actions the federal authorities. Under the statement of Kretsu, Nazdratenko defending fair requirements of region, for example, in a question of decrease of power tariffs, became objectionable to the Kremlin officials, and certain forces try to displace it from a post, despite its legitimate status. Therefore the status, considers vitse - the speaker, it is necessary to confirm once again. It is curious that in an initial variant of the Duma decision about a referendum appeared four questions (as on similar plebiscite in support of Boris Yeltsin), however after discussion deputies have formulated only one - simple and clear.
it is visible, should help the governor and other unprecedented decision of deputies: the regional representative body has called all enterprises and the organisations located in territory of Primorski Krai, to boycott the decision of the federal commission on increase several times power tariffs. The deputies who have gathered for session, the majority from which are also heads of local administrations and the industrial enterprises of edge, have considered that increase of power tariffs will turn back a stop of a significant amount of the enterprises. However, than refusal to pay the accounts exposed energetikami for the services will turn back for consumers, in a thought was not discussed.
at last, legislators have addressed to a management of Public Russian television with the request to take in hand local staff reporters of a broadcasting company who, according to deputies, biassedly shine difficult socially - economic conditions in Primorski Krai. As an occasion to indignation the reproaches which have sounded on the central TV that heads of areas of Primorski Krai demand from the federal budget for liquidation of a damage from recent flooding of means have served more than it is necessary.
Observers notice that a theme will remove Nazdratenko or not For a long time already became in Vladivostok to the most popular for discussions. And local authorities, seriously having reflected on Nazdratenko`s possible leaving, take preventive measures. And the bases for fears are great: in - the first, under the law on the civil service, the prevention of Nazdratenko declared by the president about incomplete office conformity is penultimate of five provided collectings for officials. (By the way, yesterday Nazdratenko, executing Boris Yeltsin`s decree, has ousted vitse - governor Michael Savchenko.) It followed only by dismissal. The occasion to dismissal - and it in - the second - can be found out very soon: for example, after September, 15th when will expire the term, taken away to the governor for conditions normalisation in thermal power station. But to fulfil the basic requirement of the decree - to pay out to miners the wages - without the financial help of the centre Evgenie Nazdratenko it is obvious cannot: in the regional budget simply there are no on it means.
it is remarkable that on civil feats of deputies the Nazdratenko who have acted at session with emotional speech in protection of the position has inspired. He, in particular, has assumed that the federal authorities, Tatarii releasing the electric power on 12 roubles for watt - hour make advances to republic, being afraid of its secession of the Russian Federation. And Primorski Krai is not worse at all than Tatarstan. there is bolshej no force, than a subject of federation - the governor has summed up.