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Boris Yeltsin has published the decree About a choice of the head of administration of the Kaluga region . Elections of the chief executive of area in October of this year are authorised to them. Also decrees about the permission of elections of chief executives in October of this year in the Chita region and in Aginsky Buryat autonomous region are signed.

the President of Russia has signed the decree About elections of the head of administration of the Astrakhan region and also similar decrees about elections of chief executives in the Arkhangelsk region and in Nenets autonomous region. According to references of public authorities of these areas about elections of heads of administration Boris Yeltsin has resolved their carrying out in December, 1996.

the President of Russia has let out the decree About rewarding for merits before the state and long-term diligent work as an award ` For merits before fatherland ` Gennady Petelina`s IV degree, the head of Secretary of the Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation . To Gennady Petelinu of 49 years, it the graduate of the Tyumen industrial institute, worked in different years on responsible posts in the state gas concern Gazprom . The secretary of premieres - the minister heads since February, 1993. Before within a year it supervised over secretary of the vice-president of the government.

the president of Russia has signed the federal law About modification and additions in the federal law ` About the federal budget for 1996 ` . The law has been accepted by the State Duma on July, 19th, 1996 and approved by federation Council on August, 7th, 1996. According to this law, item 16 of the law on the state budget for 1996 is supplemented with point 1 in which it is offered To direct in 1996 on replenishment of own circulating assets of the organisations textile and light industry of assignment from the federal budget in the volumes which are not exceeding deductions from the tax to the added cost, brought in the income of the federal budget the specified organisations . Thus the means directed on replenishment of circulating assets of the organisations textile and light industry from the federal budget, according to the new law, will be considered as corresponding increase in a share of the state in an authorised capital stock of the organisations - addressees of means. Besides, expenses of the federal budget on financing of the industry, power and building will be increased. So, instead of 49 509 586,4 thousand roubles, for these needs it will be directed 50 009 586,4 thousand roubles. Article a miscellaneous cost will be, on the contrary, it is reduced from 63 683 812,9 thousand roubles to 63 183 812,9 thousand roubles.

Boris Yeltsin has directed the message to organizers and participants of round-the-world bicycle race under the motto the World without drugs . In it it is noticed that spread of drug addiction, especially among youth - one of the most complicated problems which the mankind on a XX-th century outcome faces. last years this trouble all proves and in Russia " more sharply; - the president writes. Boris Yeltsin has expressed belief that only wide interested participation of the public in the actions devoted to the statement of a healthy way of life, struggle against drugs, will help to save our children and grandsons from this harm .