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The prices for the basic exchange goods

the Prices of the basic exchange goods at the international stock exchanges

*1000 wood foots = 2,36 cubic m
** In pounds sterling.

the Accepted reductions: ARA (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Antwerpen) - the North European free market of oil, CBT - Chicago Board of Trade (USA), COMEX - Commodity Exchange (USA), CSCE - Coffee, Sugar and Cocoa Exchange (USA), NYCE - New York Cotton Exchange (USA), LCE - London Commodity Exchange (Great Britain), LME - London Metal Exchange (Great Britain), NYMEX - New York Mercantile Exchange (USA), IPE - International Petroleum Exchange (Great Britain), CME - Chicago Mercantile Exchange (USA).

the Market of precious metals on Friday vosprjal from a dream after Central Banks of the developed countries of Europe in large quantities have lowered key bank rates. The beginning was necessary to this process by Bundesbankom - investors expected for a long time already from the German Central Bank of this step. Easing of a credit policy in Europe has given to dealers precious metals to hope of growth of interest of professional players to this market as decrease in rates does game in the currency markets less interesting and forces speculators to search for more profitable spheres. However rise in prices for gold, platinum and silver has appeared small of - for the general decrease in trading activity at stock exchanges.
the prices for crude oil were rolled away back partly for technical reasons (stockbrokers actively cut coupons aspiring to use the previous rise in prices), partly from - for unexpected increases in deliveries brent - mixes from pool of the North Sea. The further succession of events in the market is represented not quite clear - observers do not exclude possibility of new rise in prices as demand for oil products (first of all oven and diesel fuel) to Asia and the USA continues to remain very high.
have strongly fallen in price in the end of the past week colonial the goods (except for sugar). Quotations of coffee futures on LCE and CSCE have fallen after in Brazil the coldest period has ended. Absence of frosts, characteristic for the end of June - the beginnings of August, promises to Brazilians a good harvest of coffee which will help to correct a situation in the market.
the prices for cocoa on LCE have fallen on Friday below 1000 pounds sterling for ton. This mark long time was considered as reliable level of support, but the aggressive speculation for the fall spent by professional speculators, has broken resistance bulls .
Continued to fall and the prices for grain on Chicago Board of Trade - the adjusted weather in a grain belt of the USA has allowed traders to relax a little after several intense months when the drought threatened a crop.