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JAroslavnefteorgsintez will construct a complex for preparation of a rolling stock in cost of $15 million
the Oil refining enterprise JAroslavnefteorgsintez and Northern railway have summed up the international tender for the right of building new proparochnoj station in Yaroslavl. The winner of the tender had been declared the Czech firm prokop inzheniring to which should construct now a complex for rolling stock preparation under having poured oil products productivity of 270 tanks a day. Operating nowadays proparochnaja the station can process only to 140 tanks. Input of a new complex will give the chance to the Yaroslavl enterprise to increase volume of oil refining and its timely shipment to consumers as in Russia, and abroad. According to local experts, it also will positively affect region ecology. Czechs undertake to construct proparochnyj a complex for 15 months, and will finance building in common JAroslavnefteorgsintez and Northern railway. According to the chief of road Vitaly Predybajlova, an expense neftepererabotchikov will make 70 %, and railwaymen - 30 %.
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Sidanko has extinguished last conflict in Saratov
In the end of the past week has passed annual meeting of shareholders of joint-stock company Saratovnefteprodukt which has confirmed the report on enterprise activity in 1995 and has ahead of schedule re-elected its board of directors. The new structure of council included four representatives Sidanko two representatives Saratovnefteprodukta and one - the Saratov concern Volgoneft . Election of the chairman of board of directors has been postponed before carrying out of the first session of council in September. The general director Saratovnefteprodukta there was Anatoly Baskakov. Now activity Saratovnefteprodukta will strongly depend on holding decisions as sale of oil products will be made under contracts Sidanko with concrete consumers. The company plans to load completely processing capacities of joint-stock company Kreking and by that hopes cardinally to change position at the marketing enterprise which during the best times realised more than 2,5 million t oil products annually, and in 1995 its turn has made only 396 thousand t on 506 mlrd rbl. For the last year joint-stock company Saratovnefteprodukt has received 21 mlrd profit rbl., including 10,4 mlrd net profit rbl. Dividends 1500 rbl. on one preference share face value decided to pay from calculation 200 rbl.
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Russian - the Yugoslavian truck has got stuck
already told about Russian - the Yugoslavian project of release of a utility truck for which realisation the special joint venture is created. Besides the Yugoslavian company Zastava Kamioni - branch of Italian concern Iveco - five conversion enterprises of the Novosibirsk region take part in the joint venture: ON Sibselmash joint-stock company NEVZ - the Union Metal works of a name of Kuzmin, factory the Screen and Berdsky electromechanical factory. The project assumes manufacture development malotonnazhnyh trucks at the local enterprises for technology of Italian concern Iveco. Thanks to importance for the defensive enterprises of the Novosibirsk region in June the project has been included in the block of presidential programs. The special presidential decree provided allocation on realisation of the first stage in 1996 30 mlrd rbl. Also use of investment tax credits, including at the expense of means of the Novosibirsk region was provided. However, according to participants of the joint venture, without special customs privileges which will make mini - the truck competitive at the price in home market to start the conveyor it is impossible. After an exit of the decree inquiry in the government of the director of the joint venture Sibavto Nikolay Tepljakova about introduction of customs privileges for delivery of accessories from Yugoslavia has been satisfied. But results have appeared zero. Transfers promised 30 mlrd and have not occurred. And the question on introduction of customs privileges is to this day in a permission stage .
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