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Meeting of shareholders of Unicommercial bank

Crisis has transformed the person of bank beyond recognition

the meeting which has Passed on Friday of shareholders of Unicommercial bank de jure should sum up bank activity in 1995 and confirm results 7 - j issues of actions of bank. De facto it put end under short, but as very unpleasant period of life of bank during which owners there have twice exchanged and the Central Bank acting administration has had time to work. But the main thing, bank crisis were essentially changed by an alignment of forces among the banks actively operating in Moscow Region. The comment of the special correspondent of JULIA PELEHOVOJ.

the Diagnosis: usual bank crisis
About Unicommercial bank crisis wrote much, and there is no need to retell all this history in detail. Therefore we give only the summary of the previous series. So, veins - there was a big bank by name of the Uniclod. It has been created in due time on the basis of regional office Promstrojbanka of the USSR. In the beginning of 1996 the bank has faced the financial difficulties caused by large non-returns of credits. The unicommercial bank has addressed in the Central Bank for the stabilisation credit, but to it have refused. a hole in balance promptly grew, and to the beginning of May, 1996 has reached, according to some information, 700 mlrd roubles.
the bank was threatened with full breakdown and then there was an investor who agreed to buy a controlling interest of Unicommercial bank and to involve the means necessary for improvement of bank. A name kind the investor was bank BIN the authorised bank of a zone of economic preference Ingushetia . Have struck on hands, and on May, 17th about marriage Unicommercial bank and BIN it has been declared. After that surprising things began to be created.
the Central Bank before, appear, peacefully dozing, suddenly appoints on May, 20th acting administration on management of Unicommercial bank. The transaction with BIN is upset. All in perplexity: if have banished such rich groom who will rescue Unicommercial bank? The name of the new saviour becomes soon known: it appears it much a little regional administration. Its interest to bank is quite clear: the Unicommercial bank long time served the regional budget. The Moscow regional government makes decision to get 51 % of the authorised capital of bank and to make its representative. Actually bank rescue from bankruptcy by nationalisation.
it is the first similar case in contemporary history of the Russian banks, and all are very happy. Heads of Bank of Russia hold up Unicommercial bank as an example to all potential bankrupts. On August, 4th the acting administration resigns from authority. And here at last the ending: passes the meeting of the shareholders which confirmed all changes in structure of the property and have named new heads of bank. All? No, not all.

Crash of the big bank creates the big problems
the Second plan of this history is much more interesting. So, the Unicommercial bank is one of the basic banks of Moscow Region as which many experts consider financially as the region of Russia second for the importance after Moscow. Through bank there is money of the regional budget (the budget of Moscow Region is estimated approximately in 15 trln roubles). The bank has numerous clientele both among the companies, and among private persons. At bank the developed network of branches. Crisis of such bank inevitably should begin repartition of the local market.
who except Unicommercial bank operated and operates in area? It first of all two banks - the Renaissance and the Moscow national bank. They, as well as Unicommercial bank, are closely connected with local administration and participate in service of the regional budget. To these banks it is necessary to add the Moscow regional Savings Bank also possessing the big filial network, but also, the representative on service of accounts of Federal exchequer across Moscow Region.
before these four were the main characters in area. But for quite some time now the region began to use the increasing attention from capital banks which it becomes close within MKAD. This and without that an uneasy situation threatened to become absolutely confused of - for Unicommercial bank crash. Struggle for it the inheritance threatened to pour out in the present bank war. War, as a matter of fact, also has begun, but while this war did not become obvious.

who posesses Unicommercial bank?
it would Seem, the May order of the head of regional administration and the decision of a thought of area have given an irrefragable answer on this question. The bank belongs to area. Formally it so, but actually real control on Unicommercial bank has passed to... To one of its competitors - to the Moscow national bank. Some rather curious details of a sharing of actions of Unicommercial bank became known.
it was originally supposed that 49 % will be sold to private investors. Thus heads of Unicommercial bank in every possible way underlined that nobody will own a package more than 20 - 25 %. From various structures in Unicommercial bank demands for purchase of actions 7 - go release began to arrive. Among applicants were and some known Moscow banks, in particular bank the Russian credit . This bank was ready to give in exchange for 26 % of actions to Unicommercial bank the soft loan in 500 mlrd roubles and avalirovat its bills for maintenance of their quotations. However this demand, as well as demands of some other banks, it is simple have not noticed . As it was found out, the new owner of bank - the regional administration - has already chosen to itself the strategic partner . The Moscow national bank (MNB) became them.

the Moscow national bank - one of the most mysterious Russian banks. It has been created in the beginning of 1993 and soon one after another began to receive every possible kinds upolnomochennosti - from service of accounts of the company Rosvooruzheniye before participation in bill programs of crediting of the enterprises of gold mining under guarantees of the Ministry of Finance and service of accounts of Federal exchequer across Moscow Region. Rates of increase of bank could be envied only. According to ITS the Rating it occupies 26 - e a place in Russia on the sum of actives (more than 3 trln roubles). Certainly, at bank it is a lot of the ill-wishers asserting that it he is obliged by all to special relations with some high-ranking officials in the Russian government.

and so as it became known, the bank " became one of shareholders of Unicommercial bank; the Russian house (the size of its package is not disclosed) in which MNB belongs, under different versions, 23 - 33 % of actions. Having called by phones the Russian house why - that you get in MNB, and the chairman of its board Jeanne Kalashnikov why - that appears in combination the chief of department of credit resources of the Moscow national bank. Here such personal unija .
However only on this basis it would be impossible to do a conclusion that the Unicommercial bank has got under control MNB. The agreement between regional administration and " became the main sensation; the Russian house about transfer to the last to management of a controlling interest of Unicommercial bank (those of 51 %). And on very favourable conditions: during management, and it about three years, the administration cannot interfere with affairs the bank, and the first vice-president of board of Unicommercial bank is appointed only in coordination with the Russian house . G - zha Kalashnikov has at first confirmed by phone the fact of existence of the similar contract. Then, probably, having thought that has told superfluous, has preferred to refuse the words, having declared that the idea of such contract was only discussed.
thus, the Unicommercial bank, apparently, has turned to the structure under control MNB that considerably strengthens positions of the last in the market of Moscow Region. It, undoubtedly, will displease other big banks operating here. It is not excluded that they will make efforts changing developed position. Session proceeds.