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Has ended Moscow the Motor - show - 96

you go More silently - you will not be

On Sunday in expocentre on Red Presne has come to the end international " further; the Motor - show - 96 . The main Russian automobile exhibition, despite some misses in the organisation, has gone right - already at least because has given the chance to understand better, in what degree quickly changing situation in the world automobile market influences the market Russian. The comment of special correspondent LEONID - ZAVARSKY finishes a series of its reportings with the Motor - show - 96 .

Were afraid of the West - generals from the Russian automobile industry have forgotten about the East
Recently did not stint gloomy forecasts concerning consequences of expansion of the American and European automobile giants in the former USSR. Danger from Japanese and Korean motor-car manufacturers was estimated where more low. Was considered that the stream of Japanese cars to Russia will stop in the Far East - after all 75 % of their import made strongly second-hand cars. Besides, Japanese uvjazli in struggle for leadership in the American and European markets. However the most far-sighted experts paid attention to rather ambitious plans of South Korean motor-car manufacturers, whose activity has passed for a long time frameworks of an assiduous apprenticeship. Grandees of world automobile manufacture are too occupied today by struggle among themselves, and at Koreans hands were to a certain extent released. Moreover, they have already begun to unscrew their another.
the motor - show - 96 made impression of original South Korean benefit performance. Domination of expositions of firms from South Korea was full. All is literally - from causing grandiosity of stands and a roar of continuously going shows to badly hidden confusion of Europeans and Americans (representatives of some of them even declared that at the following exhibition in Moscow will refuse to act in one pavilion with Koreans) - once again has shown that the South Korean motor industry already represents force, on struggle with which today neither in Europe, nor in America cannot mobilise corresponding resources. Having overtaken recognised marks on quality, reliability and design, South Korean cars have kept appreciable odds at the prices. And if to compare them to the Russian analogues it is necessary to consider not only the price, but also the fashion factor. On South Korean cars - by analogy to a fashion on South Korean household electronics and computers - some analysts have noted a fashion in Russia last year. As a result only in Moscow sales of South Korean cars have grown in the last two days, by different estimations, in 3 - 6 times.
However, some occasions to anxiety were and at Koreans. Having lost the favourable status of developing country, from the beginning of this year they have lost and corresponding customs preferences (for example, import duties have automatically increased in Russia on 50 %). The more clearly their mad impact in Moscow which, by the way, has shown once again, the South Korean companies are capable of what explosion of energy in business, at all boastings for the sake of promising the next five years are included into first ten world manufacturers of cars.

after South Korean train
Europeans and Americans on show looked to strangeness modestly. Dominating before in Russia of a trio as a part of Mercedes-Benz, Volvo and BMW on the Motor - show - 96 it has been presented only by a duet - Bavarians have decided to make a pause which reasons did not manage to be found out: phone of the Moscow representation of BMW was silent. However, both Mercedes-Benz, and Volvo have presented a number of interesting novelties (about them already told), and Swedes directly promised in the near future almost a high water of new models, money for which working out have been received as a result of unprecedented campaign for liquidation of not profile manufactures. Recently a serious competition of Volvo in Russia made Saab, however in its this year it was not appreciable almost, including on the Motor - show .
Mercedes-Benz always behaved with the underlined solidity, as though letting know that too noisy advertising actions considers some kind of a hysterical gallery play. Nevertheless Germans obviously do not intend to maintain only the acquired capital - the company exit testifies to it for frameworks of the standard number of prestigious models and cars for a top of middle class of buyers, and ekzersisy Mercedes-Benzs in the field of midget cars are already perceived as something self-evident.
From Americans has most actively acted as Ford. From the beginning of this year the concern has passed from hidden (through the dealers) to open approach to the Russian market the weapon in which should become the policy of the greatest possible reduction of prices. Besides, Ford has carried out rather significant action, as though accidentally having exposed in Moscow the nine-local jeep Expedition which yet is not on sale neither in the USA, nor in Europe. As already informed, a feeler has got in a billiard pocket - the model has caused an agiotage.
Japanese, as usual, smiled much and politely bowed, and also have shown some novelties. The greatest attention was involved with Toyota Prius model. This car, last year passing in the column kontsept - karov, has already moved to a price - sheets. Honda besides a standard number of models of cars has presented a wide choice of motorcycles (in general, the motorcycle part of an exhibition, unlike last years, was rather rich), and also boat motors and rather actual goods in Russia - motor-blocks and motor-cultivators there is. However as a whole Japanese special were not allocated with anything.
as on this background the national automobile industry looked?

News from a hospital cot
Efforts of the Russian car factories to show something in its best light are worthy respect. autovases has presented in a flesh the family ten about which before Moscow was reached only by hearings and photos. Even almost hopelessly sick the Muscovite has found forces to reach Red Presnya. While he hopes for the state financial therapy and Renault engines. It it is, of course, small, but on the Motor - show the factory nevertheless has reminded of itself. Its fellow sufferer, AMO ZIL more drawing attention struggle against the private shareholder though has overcome by means of the Moscow government Microdynes anything else, except the problems which have remained at it while cannot brag. Much depends on that, how much successful there will be a series malotonnazhnyh commercial cars on the basis of the three-ton truck. Anyway, an example Gazelles - all our automobile industry a science.
however even, apparently, prospering (to the Russian measures) GAS obviously temperaturit. Already informed on a discomfiture: in days when the administration has gone to Moscow to show really rather sensible both perspective cars and a number of premier models, the enterprise has gone on strike. It seems that GAS was comprehended by destiny of VAZ - as well as toljattintsev, the Nizhniy Novgorod factory was stuck round by the commercial structures which part has a factory origin. As a result of the car are shipped to buyers, and money in cash desk is not present. The main thing that GAS cannot work in the market, remaining typically Soviet enterprise resting hopes mainly on the budget. A bit different position on KamAZe who thanks to the spent program of restoration after a fire on impellent manufacture and Nikolay Beha`s skilful policy, seemingly, is able to agree both with the budget, and with foreign investors. By the way, KamAZ has drawn additional attention to itself the prisoner at an exhibition the cooperation agreement with GAS. And also the contract similar as a matter of fact with the German manufacturer of vehicles Knorr Bremse. Details of these agreements while are unknown, but it is necessary to note one feature. Prestigious, but till now unproductive plans joint with foreign partners of manufacture of cars in Russia at last began to be supplemented with accruing activity of same KamAZa and other Russian enterprises in the field of cooperation with the western manufacturers of knots and accessories. And this cooperation obviously is a counterbalance to ambitions of the Russian suppliers which inconsiderately force up the prices for the production. We will remind that one of the major points of cooperation of Volzhsko - Kamsky FPG, uniting KamAZ and Autovases just interaction by a part of a policy with the Russian suppliers of accessories also is.
in this connection it is necessary to note efforts Knorr Bremse especially. The president of this firm has spent in Moscow a number of productive negotiations with the Russian enterprises. Their details while remain a trade secret, but, for example, activity of the Hungarian branch of a company which is letting out brake systems for all without an exception of the European manufacturers of trucks and now most advantageously developing service network in Russia, allows to make the assumption of a sphere of application of interests Knorr Bremse. Not to mention that Knorr Bremse works in a constant sheaf with firm Ikarus which name too much clears up.
and, at last, the last. the motor - show - 96 has shown that in the Russian market there come new times. On the Korean factor we stopped. Foreign manufacturers in Russia already actually compete only with each other, more and more actively mastering a marketing network of the Russian car factories. They do it is such rates that a known Russian proverb more haste less speed demands radical edition. The foyer of the Russian car market were rung out with the third call.