Rus News Journal


In the Tikhvin area of Leningrad region state of emergency in connection with occurrence of forest fires is declared, has informed Interfax . According to news agency, fire captures territory in 200 hectares. Victims are not present. 78 persons and 16 units of a special equipment are involved In fire liquidation.
as informed agency Interfax - Ukraine in Nikolaev during the sports holiday devoted to the fifth anniversary of independence of Ukraine, the sports plane the YAK - 52 has fallen. The pilot was lost, three townsmen have been wounded and hospitalised. At one of wounded men it is amazed by burns of 50 % of a surface of a body. Causes of accident are investigated.
two persons were lost as a result of explosion in the morning on Monday at oxygen station in Novgorod, has reported Interfax . The station building is completely destroyed. By this time the fire which has arisen after explosion, is liquidated. The material damage volume is specified. Connection of oxygen with lubricating oil, event from - for a negligence someone from employees of station became one of most plausible reasons of explosion, according to experts.
according to news agency the SNARK, from 20 to 22 hectares of wood has burnt down as a result of a fire in Armenia in area Bjurakana. Large forest fire has occurred on August, 24th. Next day the fire has been liquidated. The ignition reasons are established.
as Associated Press has reported, onboard private yacht Alexia at coast of Spain the fire has flashed. One crewman of a vessel was lost. The passing by Spanish sailing boat managed to rescue two persons who have remained onboard the burning vessel one of which is wounded. Alexia has soon sunk. The cause of the fire which has begun in the engine, is established.
in a southern Chinese province Hunan there was an explosion at factory on manufacture of spirits, informs Associated Press. Five persons were lost, three have got serious wounds. The cause of the explosion is established.
in the central Pakistan province Punjab as a result of flooding 26 persons were lost, informs Reuter. About hundred inhabitants of an administrative centre of a province have got wounds, mainly from fragments of the failed buildings. For 36 hours per region has dropped out 461 mm of deposits, having transformed streets into the rivers, having broken supply of electricity in settlements, having brought failures in the transport message and washout of ten houses and cars. In cities large shops are closed.
in the Mexican staff of Sinaloa as a result of hurricane three persons were lost, has informed Associated Press. Two from them have received blow by a current when have stepped in a pool in which the high-voltage wires broken by a wind have fallen. The third person was lost in the car accident which has occurred from - for a bad weather.