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Anniversary of an exit on market Windows 95

the One-year-old child with the slowed down development

on August, 24th last year company Microsoft solemnly declared the beginning of sales of a new operating system for personal computers - Windows 95. Optimistic forecasts of the analysts, predicting to a novelty fast and confident a victory in the market already in the first year, have justified not quite.

Last year`s market start of the program by the solemnity reminded inauguration of the president or opening of the Olympic games. In specially constructed exhibition small town song Rolling Stones " sounded; Start me up ( Include me! ) . For the right of its execution head Microsoft Bill Gates has paid rollingam 8 million pounds sterling. In all states of the USA on channels NBC, ABC and CBS show with Gates`s participation, devoted to a computer premiere has been staged. Microsoft has bought the whole release Times and has decked fires nju - jorksky Empajr Stejt Bilding in firm colours Windows. In total on product advancement was istracheno some tens millions dollars.
the unprecedented advertising campaign on scale, apparently, has finished demand for a new operating system to agiotage level. The beginnings the day before of sales of crowd of buyers all night long were on duty at doors of shops of the USA and the Western Europe. Before issue Windows 95 experts foretold that occurrence of this system will bring to computer firms not less than $20 mlrd the next 12 months.
has passed year. Old versions Windows on - former are a success. From - for it new Windows 95 wins the market slower rates, than it was expected. The American company of marketing researches Dataquest earlier already reducing excessively optimistical forecasts concerning sales volumes Windows 95, has lowered them one of these days once again. Now Dataquest foretells that by the end of this year on the market it will be put about 47,5 million complete sets of this operating system (that on 27 % below the forecast made in the beginning of year).
Slowness of many corporate clients in transition to a new operating system is connected by that she demands difficult and expensive improvements both in the computer technics, and in the software. Also offers less than useful novelties, than many users expected.
one year ago the part of experts believed that mass transition on Windows 95 will urge on sales of the newest hardware and software. Others were afraid that necessity will spend money for computer updating to constrain sales of new system. It seems that the second have appeared slightly more close to true. Not justified expectations of some large and small firms - developers of programs for Windows 95 (and for some manufacturers gland ) - have turned back for them considerable losses.
however, the sales volume nevertheless gradually accrues. Dataquest promises that Windows 95 becomes the most bought operating system of 1996, having bypassed keeping popularity Windows 3. 1.
Itself Microsoft today lays hopes on the new version which has published several weeks ago of operating system Windows NT. Probably, already in the foreseeable future it will turn from high - end systems for professionals to the mass goods and becomes replacement Windows 95.