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The Cuban communists do not surrender

bad luck Island at capitalism ocean

To be true to Marxism-Leninism ideals the Communist Party of Cuba has called communists. A handheld computer intend to struggle with psychology of capitalist business and harmful influences of the western consumer society arisen among communists and sympathising after Fidel Castro has admitted separate elements of business on freedom Island. However, in an appeal of Communist Party it is told nothing about proletarian internationalism. Because any more with whom...

For five years of existence in Cuba the special period in a peace time the USSR entered after disintegration, life of ordinary citizens of Island of freedom practically has not changed. The rationing system - in a month on the person a floor - litre of rum and a soap piece has not disappeared. It is good that though weather allows not to care of warm clothes and footwear - go to itself in shorts. And starvation does not trap inhabitants of island: coast of Cuba while have enough fish. Regularly, though and with faults (from - for overloads), the black market works. There - but for very big money - it is possible to buy all. And all as Cubans from socialist paradise in a capitalist hell run. Is, truth, and an innovation: fugitives any more do not catch and do not return to Marx`s ideals - Lenin. Wise leader Fidel has decided that will salt to hated capitalists more if thousand wishing to emigrate, having crossed passage, criminalise life of Americans to a limit.
but last blow on a socialism stronghold has put even not mass flight of citizens and not absence of foodstuff, and a serious failure in the external economic policy of Cuba: Last year the sugar crop - a reed - a unique straw for which all Cuban economy keeps - has appeared the lowest over the last 50 years. Also it was necessary to Ardent Fidel to go on reforms. Have originally spent in Cuba the law on investments. To foreigners have resolved real estate purchase and sale, have cancelled an interdiction for work of foreign firms. Even it has been declared creation SEZ. However, communists reacted to decrees easy: whatever you may say, and over use of labour the government has reserved control.
Meanwhile as shows experiment of all former socialist countries, similar time deviations it is impossible to keep long in socialist frameworks . In further they should or be curtailed - as the New Economic Policy, - or to refuse construction light communistic tomorrow . Almost year was required to the Cuban reforms slightly to change shape of island - it have decorated the Spanish hotels, the British gas stations and uncountable private shops. Changes have mentioned also style of life of Cubans. Reforms have led to that ordinary citizens of island began to support openly observance of human rights. However it is impossible to tell that this problem has dropped out of a field of vision of the Cuban authorities: one week ago they have sent from the country of the secretary of the diplomatic group representing in Cuba interests of the USA, Robin Meyer - she has been accused of distribution the blasting literature . Certainly, from a position of a present mode the literature, extending Meyer, was indeed blasting: the Grant about ways of reforms in Cuba How to organise trade-union meeting and George Oruella`s book the Farmyard . The US State department, certainly, has disagreed with opinion Cuban the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, having declared that Meyer only observed of observance of human rights on island, and has in revenge sent from the USA the Cuban diplomat.
the Communist Party of Cuba - first of all its orthodox wing - is convinced that with reforms it is time to finish. As also time now the most suitable: Cuba, by estimations of party analysts, has entered solving phase of struggle of a socialism against capitalism . Today, it is told in the statement of the Central Committee of a handheld computer, more than when - or war against our country pours out in opposition of ideas, in attempt to force us to refuse our revolutionary ideology... More shortly - attempt to force us to refuse ideals of a socialism and to adapt for capitalism . According to a handheld computer, now each fighter - the communist should feel that it possesses the mandate on carrying out in life of the policy corresponding to ideals of Revolution . Partlidery have urged to strengthen ideological defence equalling on revolutionary beacons - Jose Marti and Ernesto Che Guevara. Thus they call also to follow the lead of Fidel and to be true to Marxism-Leninism principles . And partfunktsioneram it is offered to be on the alert in the face of any displays of bribery and corruption which, certainly, have blossomed for a long time already on island magnificent colour.
however, Communist Party appeals to vigilance in similar situations are quite traditional are only verbal cover of that fact that the authorities realise inevitability of defeat in struggle against capitalism and the market. In the agenda more practical problem - to be kept in power. To make it it is possible two ways: or having curtailed reforms - that is already problematic and almost samoubijstvenno, - or, having recoloured to run ahead of a steam locomotive.