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Situation in coal branch

Strike it decided not to spend, but the strike condition remains

the All-Russia miner`s strike which has been planned by miner`s trade union for August, 26th while it was possible to avoid. But its threat remains, as, despite of everything, position with payments in branch remains heavy. On Friday during meeting at the first deputy of Minister of Finance Andrey Petrov who has taken place after negotiations of representatives Rosugol and Rosugleprofsojuza with Alexander Livshits, has been confirmed the schedule of repayment till the end of August of budgetary debts of coal branch at a rate of 500 mlrd roubles.

we Will remind that miners have demanded till the end of a month to repay budgetary debts of the state which have by this time reached 500 mlrd roubles, and also to achieve repayment of debts to the coal enterprises from consumers - energetikov. The General director Rosugol Yury Malyshev on Thursday, on the eve of meeting in the Ministry of Finance, has expressed confidence that with miners and this time it will be possible to agree: Trade unions are adjusted on the conciliatory proposal - strike beats out the enterprises on a side of economic accident .
And has occurred. As the head has informed a press - services of the Ministry of Finance Peter Afanasev, during meeting at Andrey Petrov has been decided to make repayment of budgetary debts to miners within four days, since August, 27th. However, in this point of the report it is specified that financing will be carried out Taking into account actual receipt of incomes and performance of obligatory payments under protected articles . And while remains not clear as there will be a financing if there will be problems with receipt of incomes.
in other point of the report of Rosugleprofsojuz has achieved that acknowledgement that budgetary financing in September will go in regular intervals, that is in the first and second decades should be allocated not less than 50 % of means from monthly volume. Necessity of similar record was explained to the correspondent by the chairman of trade union Vitaly Budko: As a rule, to us always gave after 25 numbers, and that not completely . Budko seven person also has informed on a meeting from miner`s trade unions with Victor Tchernomyrdin, where the brisk exchange of opinions " has taken place; and with Minister of Fuel and Energy Peter Rodionovym, on which there was long enough serious conversation . As a result of this sort of long conversations, according to Vitaly Budko, 26 - go number strike it decided not to spend, but the strike condition remains. In case our reports and arrangements will not be executed, the All-Russia strike " will be declared;.
But even if the government will execute all arrangements, threat of strikes in the coal industry remains is great. And not actions of the government or a management of coal branch (which as already marked, manages to conduct structural reorganisation without an aggravation of social conflicts), and the general state of the economy will be a principal cause. In conversation with the correspondent the assistant to the general director Rosugol Nikolay Garkavenko has confirmed this conclusion: the Sharpness does not fall down, because budgetary financing - only a problem part .
The matter is that budget means in total amount of financing of branch make about 20 %, and 80 % are necessary on consumers. Their debts (by data for August, 1st) have made 6,86 trln roubles, having increased in comparison with the beginning of year by 53 %. With consumers it is much more difficult - has declared Garkavenko. The problem of non-payments, as he said, was discussed at a meeting with the new Minister of Fuel and Energy.
strangely enough, but miner`s trade unions demand a solution of a problem of non-payments from the government. In the total decision of presidium Rosugleprofa about a suspension of strike the government directly is offered to demand from heads of some areas to report about debts repayment for the put coal and to create state commission with participation of trade union for detailed check a financial condition of defaulters.
the Constant presentation of claims to the government even on especially intrabranch questions means only one: the Russian trade unions for the present were not above children`s age when in all troubles it the government sees guilty, and, say, not a management of the enterprises - consumers. The similar simplified perception of problems of economy means only one: threats of miner`s strikes will be in a fever the state still very long.