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The Olympic champion

Knifing is wounded from - for broken a water-melon

On Saturday in Moscow swimmer Alexander Popov and its friend Leonid Potyka have been wounded the double champion of XXVI Olympic games in Atlanta. They have quarrelled with Azerbaijanians who traded in water-melons. Victims have been delivered in hospitals and are immediately operated. Now the state of health of Popova does not cause fears. The prime minister - minister Victor Tchernomyrdin declared that takes investigation of this business under the control.

On the last games Alexander Popov has won first place on distances of 50 m and 100 m freestyle, having repeated the success on the Olympic Games in Barcelona in 1992.

on August, 24th Alexander Popov has been invited to birthday of the companion. About 23 hours visitors have started to go home. Priests, its acquaintance Alexander Potyka and two girls left on a crossroads of the Michurinsk prospectus and Lobachevsky`s street. They have stopped near to the disorder of water-melons fenced with boxes and began to catch the car. While Priests and Potyka voted, one of girls took a water-melon in hands and, having thrown it as a ball, has dropped on asphalt. The water-melon has broken, and the Caucasians trading in them, in enough sharp form have demanded, that for the broken water-melon it have paid. Priests and Potyka have interfered with conversation. Peace conversation it has not turned out: dealers have seized knifes and have cut Popova and Potyku.
to the Olympic champion have been put koloto - rezanye wounds of the belly cavity, getting wound of a lung. The kidney has been touched. Has got the knife wounds and Potyka. Criminals have abandoned knifes and have escaped, and girls have caused militia and first aid . popova have brought to the nearest hospital #31 where it has operated managing branch of surgery of Avtandil Manavelidze. As he said, operation has passed successfully - in many respects thanking its timeliness, youth of the patient (Popovu 21 year) and its force. Important there was also that circumstance that the sportsman was sober.
in the meantime militiamen have detained the owner of water-melons, but on interrogation it has shown that on its scene was not, it has employed sellers on single trade and does not know, where for them to search.
yesterday Popova have translated in medical control centre of affairs of the president of Russia. potyka, at once delivered in the First Town hospital, remains in it before recover.
control over a legal investigation presides at the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. Watches it and Victor Tchernomyrdin that has confirmed in conversation with the correspondent a press - the secretary of the prime minister Victor Konnov.