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Anniversary of Fainy Ranevskaya

I only have peeped in art

Compassion - the feeling closest to me in life . These words shortly before death firmly also has intelligently said not shimnitsa - podvizhnitsa, not the great anchoress, not the grandmother from goncharovskogo Breakage and, especially, not noble mother of family from an ordinary melodrama, and akterka, figljarka, the poseur - the woman laughing that has learnt all kinds of love, except skotolozhstva for which pajasnichane became not only a trade, and sense, image and, the main thing, the justification of all its existence.

Anna Ahmatova was, maybe, not last poet in general as she considered, but the last who did not hesitate of open pathos. and if when - nibud in this country/ will conceive to Put a monument to me - so after it already nobody dared to write. Even much more modest, fine verses on death: Also it seems such easy,/ Growing white in a thicket emerald,/ Road, I will not tell where... seemed to its many friends - to contemporaries hardly - hardly it is superfluous the stately. Ahmatova it perfectly understood. A joke according to which, it, searching in unfamiliar apartment for a toilet, has asked: Where here at you road, I will not tell where? - if it is invented, it is rather plausible.
Ernichane and constant self-irony at all the invention of the newest journalism as now why - that think. This patrimonial property of culture of a modernist style (generation Ahmatovoj) and especially the culture which have grown on a modernist style (Ranevskaya`s generation). Both that and another shestidesjatnicheskie sincerity and truth were quite and are absolutely alien. Both those and others knew that the XX-th century has compromised any pathos. And henceforth high emotion to be convincing, should look deliberately underestimated, virtue to be effective, to pretend to be defect, ridiculous, of course, instead of demonic, differently it will turn out again grandiloquently and false.
between decent, intelligent people the greatest sin hypocrisy admitted. live - ka laughing - became not to the best, and optimum council, a unique exit from all burdensome adverbial modifiers of time. Among numerous and entirely gifted coevals of the century the Tashkent friend Ahmatovoj Faina Ranevskaya has acquired it more literally and more ingeniously others. Intonation, this usual companion of irony became its main weapon: not without reason many well-known jokes of the actress which has been written down on a paper, lose half of charm.
but it is necessary to Ranevskaya to appear on the screen as the word blossoms, getting laconic capacity and stamping accuracy: so antique witty men, probably, joked. The plot is forgotten and remember only these two - three phrases - not very well, affektirovanno said or carelessly dropped by the actress. Itself intonirovanie moulds an image and the role receives the sound explanation which at times is running counter to the dramaturgic. After all practically all the same - whether meladeklamiruet intelligent romantic balda or, on the contrary, the animated steak hums not a voice, and, apparently, thick intestines; whether habalit hipesnitsa, whether butters lstitsa or the thrown old woman - Ranevskaya`s all heroes, " cries without tears; positive or negative are almost equally human also all ostraneny it - the old regime intellectual, not only survived, but also subordinated to itself a new generality - the Soviet person. After many years after a film exit the Foundling children, having caught sight of Ranevskaya, rushed to it with shout: Mulja, do not irritate me also heard the majestic answer: Pionery! Go in. . . In it it is underlined comic greatness, resembling removing all problem elite - mass unsoluble for the modern art, it is not clear that more - weariness, a sneer or love: ideal for all times model of relations of the national actress with the people.
Ahmatova always thanked the Soviet power that that has made to it the biography, Ranevskaya should be grateful doubly: to it one opening has been left, that that has appeared is unique the true. To the ridiculous, lanky Jew sobbing by a bass God knows what sexual orientation, speaking to the modern language, to absolute minority, the person - to an elephant, that was forbidden to another was authorised, - wriggling and acting up, it could feel pity and itself appealed to compassion. and that I will be long kind to the people,/ That kind I lyre cleared up feelings - Pushkin has told. I only have peeped in art - Ranevskaya has told. But sense in general - that the same. Otherwise in the XX-th century Pushkin words do not affect.