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Hearings about concern purchase Evening Moscow

One more bank prepares for a role of the newspaper magnate

It seems that find final confirmation hearings about purchase by the Moscow municipal bank (Bank of Moscow) a joint-stock company controlling interest Concern ` Evening Moscow ` . From the beginning of summer the information on plans of this transaction periodically filtered into mass media. And yesterday agency Interfax has spread informations that reception by control bank over joint-stock company - business solved. According to agency, next week the meeting of shareholders of concern " should take place; Evening Moscow on which the Bank of Moscow intends to enter possession of this concern. Interested parties while give the comments reluctantly.

the President of joint-stock company Concern ` Evening Moscow ` Alexander Lisin in conversation with the correspondent has noticed that considers premature to discuss a theme of purchase of a controlling stock of joint-stock company Bank of Moscow. As he said, negotiations were conducted not only with this bank. As to forthcoming meeting of shareholders on it, has told g - n Lisin, will be discussed the further ways of development of the newspaper .
Basically in this formulation also decision-making on transfer of a controlling interest quite keeps within the property to foreign bank - such decision as any another, influences the further way of development. It is possible to consider as acknowledgement of circulating hearings on the transaction and the evasive comment of representatives of Bank of Moscow: by words the press - the secretary of bank Yury Matjuhina, at it while is not present the exact information on the size of a got package and volume of investments, it can clear up not earlier than the next week. However, g - n Matjuhin (which in the past itself worked in Vecherke ) Has noticed that it is a question not so much of purchase, how many about the long-term partner relations connected with investments into the popular edition. we in general warmly concern structures in which name, as well as at us, the word ` Moscow ` " appears;.
Concern ` Evening Moscow ` besides the newspaper Evening Moscow in circulation of 300 thousand copies, lets out four more editions: the advertisement supplement Environment appendices Sudarushka and It is not over yet the newspaper Evening club . According to the president of joint-stock company Alexander Lisina, the unique owner of actions is the labour collective. On information, recently a management carried on active negotiations with various financial structures.
at the same time initially the most probable the alliance of the newspaper with Bank of Moscow looked. From the sources close to the capital mayoralty, it is known that in the beginning of this year Vecherka has concluded a certain contract with the government of Moscow concerning various variants of financial support of the newspaper. Thus, it is represented logical that the question of financial support has been solved cardinally - by its rearrangement on shoulders of the bank which is as a matter of fact a purse the Moscow government.
according to experts, size of market capitalisation of the newspaper similar to Evening Moscow can make an order $4 million However for purchase of a controlling stock enough and on an order of the smaller sum. Eventually, so far as concerns an investment live money in manufacture of mass-media conversation on the size of a got share holding becomes not basic.
it is necessary to notice only that interest of financial structures to purchase of mass-media in the middle of this year again has quickened. After an agiotage 1993 - 1994 Among financiers there has come some sobering up connected with comprehension high and frequently of unjustified expenses for mass media. However now this interest becomes again actual that, probably, is connected with the termination of presidential election.