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Scandal in Australia

the Businessman has sold Claude Mone to itself

Known Australian businessman Alan Bond has got for a lattice. The businessman who has created in 80 - h years the world empire, has appeared before court of Perth (state of Western Australia) after its fault in swindle at purchase and sale of a picture of the artist - impressionist Claude Mone La Promenade has been proved. The Bond has got this work of art in 1983 more than for 2 million pounds sterling.

All has begun that Bond business began to fall into decay, and he has tried to rescue at least a part of the condition. For this purpose the businessman has created company Dallhold Investments which among the other has bought an aforementioned picture of Mone from firm Bond Corporation Holdings also belonging to the Bond. Thus last firm was already actually the bankrupt, and all its means (including paid for La Promenade) should go to the account of repayment of debts to creditors.
the lawyer of the businessman could not find the facts extenuating fault of its client in court, and only asked court not to put the Bond in prison. He insisted that the conclusion can damage and without that to poor health of its client and even to kill him. However, according to the main judge, accused has made so grave crime that other measure of punishment how to plant it for a lattice, to apply to it it was impossible. As a result the businessman has been sentenced to two years of imprisonment.
by the way, for the Bond it already the second imprisonment. In 1992 it has been sentenced to 2,5 years for financial frauds on 8 million pounds. However, later this term has been cut down, and the businessman has stayed only 90 days.
next year the Bond again will appear before court and will listen to the further charges in connection with activity of its company Bond Corporation Holdings. This firm still had not paid debts for the sum more than 1,5 million pounds.