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eks - the president is sentenced to death

Even quiet revolutions Americans of the presidents chtut are blood-thirsty

and at all do not add to their former post a prefix “ eks “. In Russia the former leaders will unmercifully wear. South Koreans are capable to plunge into shock even Russians: yesterday the Seoul criminal court has taken out eks - to president Chon Du Hvanu the death sentence, and its successor Ro De At has sentenced to 22,5 years of prison - for the organisation of a military coup d`etat of almost twenty years` prescription and the subsequent reprisals.

South Korean process of a century has been started in full conformity with installations “ quiet revolution “ under the direction of present president Kim En Himself. But, probably, even “ quiet “ revolutions cannot do without blood. Come to power under the slogan of fight against corruption and, according to many, from blessing and with considerable financial assistance of general Ro De At, Kim En Herself hardly counted that “ clean hands “ at a South Korean Themis will appear so long that will take by the throat those who, as a matter of fact, has acted in a role of founding fathers of South Korean democracy.
at the average Russian, as a rule, only short definition associates with a name of Chon Du Hvana “ the dictator “ (so it was represented by the Soviet mass-media), and with a name of Ro De At - the Olympic games in Seoul yes tennis fights with Boris Yeltsin. And for Koreans it is the whole epoch.
Prihodu Chon Du Hvana to the power accompanied events tragical. In October, 1979 the head of South Korean CIA the president of the third and fourth republics Pak Chzhon Hi (angered even colleagues by the authoritarianism and a rigid repressive course) has been killed. The following president was politically weak. In general, the distemper - race for power in military elite has come. The grouping led by general Chon Du Hvanom into which general Ro De U. Nowadays them entered also has won accuse of the military coup d`etat organisation. Accused motivate the actions by national interests: a pier, yes, have arranged revolution, but in order to avoid general revolt. Probably, all also would descend it from hands, if not tragedy in Kvanchzhu. In May, 1980 inhabitants of this southern city left on streets, protesting against new military dictatorship. Performances have been cruelly suppressed (the number of victims appearing on process, - 200 persons).
However Chon Du Hvan has become history of the country and as the father of the new constitution on which the president could be selected only for one seven-year term (whereas former actually fixed lifelong presidency). At it political life has hammered a key, and after seven-year term of board Chon Du Hvana the power has passed for the first time to the new president peacefully. To that it in every possible way promoted.
moreover, on the eve of presidential election, on 17 - m to year of existence of republic, the amendment to the constitution according to which the president is selected by direct national voting has been accepted.
it is a lot of merits before present democracy and at successor Chon Du Hvana - the first in public elected president Ro De At. Including cancellation of some antidemocratic laws, granting of freedom to a press, mass amnesty of political prisoners. By the way, the events which have put nowadays president Kim En in ticklish enough situation also concern those times of political thaw. The matter is that on elections in National meeting in 1988 the party in power has not managed to provide to itself the working majority that is why has involved in the camp two opposition parties, including party Kim En Itself. So Democratic Liberal party in which bowels as it was found out nowadays, corruption prospered was born. The court recognised Ro De At guilty of the astronomical sum of bribes - $276 million (truth, Chon Du Hvan has surpassed it, having pocketed about $300 million). A footpath in the Blue house (presidential residence) as has established a consequence, bribers of all colours and volosts (including have blazed pillars of South Korean business - a management of Daewoo and Samsung; nowadays they too on a dock).
Entering on a presidential post, Kim En Herself has promised to construct New Korea: to rectify errors of history and to clear the country of corruption. Scope of anticorruption campaign has surpassed all expectations, and under a sight of charges eventually there was also a president. The opposition repeats, as its election campaign was financed by Ro De At, and that in the higher echelons of power he simply should know about bribery. Many believed that the president will cover investigations in the relation eks - presidents from fears that the turn can reach and it. But it does not happen, and proofs against Kim En Herself while are not present. However, who knows, how now there will be a situation in case of its defeat on presidential election next year - after all precedent already is.
now Kim En Herself it is necessary to confirm a sentence to the predecessors. The majority of Koreans is assured that it will soften it (by the way, Chon Du Hvan has cancelled many death sentences, and in 1988 on presidential amnesty at Ro De At 90 death sentences) have been softened. Probably, so it also will be - and owing to the resulted reasons, and from - for popularity eks - presidents in the native provinces. However, in that case Kim En Herself should not be counted on voices of inhabitants of a province of Kvanchzhu, on - former relatives grieving over  destruction and friends.