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Change of management Novell

Frankenberg has tried to leave without scandal

on August, 29th unexpectedly for the majority of the subordinates and competitors the head of corporation Novell Robert Frankenberg has retired. Management Novell diligently aspires to avoid noise in this connection event and declares that the company course remains invariable.

In past uik - end in edition have called from the Russian representation Novell. Heads of office declared that the chairman of the board, the president and the chief executive of the company Robert Frankenberg has left a post at own will. A formal occasion - family circumstances. Soon the world press has informed on unexpected resignation of head of one of the largest computer firms of the world.
in occurred in Novell to power change attract attention two circumstances. In - the first, resignation of Frankenberga obviously not was completely unexpected for the company. After all two of three vacancies formed after leaving of the high-ranking part-time worker, have been filled at once. The first messages Reuter on resignation contained the information that John Young became the new chairman of the board, and Joseph Marendzhi has held a post of the president. Such decisions in an hour are not accepted.
in - the second, management Novell has done the utmost not to transform power change into scandal widely made comments by the press. Representatives of the company both in the USA, and in Russia have categorically declared that the company has no claims to the former head and from party Novell of the reasons for dismissal of Frankenberga did not exist. The thesis has been repeatedly repeated that the company will move a former course.
perhaps, in aspiration to avoid scandal representatives Novell even have overdone a little. Nevertheless when to the correspondent declare that head Novell has left from a post on family circumstances (variants - in plenty to drive on the yacht, to make pilgrimage to Mecca etc., etc.) That the professional corrosiveness forces the correspondent not to calm down, and on the contrary, with redoubled zeal to seek the original reasons.
one of motives of passionate desire to avoid scandal it is obvious. Management Novell aspires to minimise inevitably following any message on personnel shake-ups in the company falling of a course of its actions. These are the companies it was possible - share price Novell has gone down only on 0,5 %.
the Second possible reason - aspiration to convince public that the declared invariance of a course of the company - something bolshee, than simply soothing words.
Here it is necessary to notice that, according to experts, present course Novell is directly connected with person Frankenberga. It has risen at the head of the company two and a half a year back, having replaced its former head - aged Rejmonda to the North.
last years boards Nordy of business Novell were obviously not as it should be. It generously spent money, getting not profile for network firm business kinds. A north was the hero of considerable quantity of ironical stories of the American journalists. Under the statement of one rather serious business - a weekly journal of the USA, the head of firm of that time, to put it mildly, was not quite healthy: going to business trip, it put near to bed a leaf with record - what is his name in the evening, it has arrived to what city and on what business.
anyway by the time of arrival in Novell the Varangian from Hewlett - Packard - Robert Frankenberga financial affairs of firm have been impaired a little. The new head has started to accept enough strict measures. Many of them concerned refusal of not profile kinds of business. Frankenberg has put forward at once become well-known the thesis Novell comes back to sources .
it is a lot of changes - many enemies. Probably chief who has come from outside and could not become the for the company or has simply overstrained from an excessive burden.