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Regional elections

In Samara opposition do not love

On taken place in the past Sunday in Samara elections of the head of city administration a convincing victory already in the first round the present mayor Oleg Sysuyev who has typed, according to preliminary data, about 74 % of votes has gained. Sysuyev`s such advantage has forced one of its competitors to declare about falsification of elections. However elections are recognised by taken place, gross infringements were not.

the Chairman of municipal electoral committee Sergey Nikologorsky has informed that already under the first received data it was possible to draw a conclusion on Sysuyev`s resolute victory. Gross infringements during voting it was revealed not. In electoral committee one written complaint has arrived only. The vigilant observer has found out the citizen who has left a booth for voting with three bulletins in hands. As it was found out later, infringement was not: Bulletins have been filled by the wife who was with a number and the son of the citizen.
at an appearance about 34 % Sysuyev`s basic contenders - Alexander Belousov (head of one of the central disctricts of the city) and George Limansky (vitse - the speaker of a provincial thought) have typed everyone on 10,9 %. Oleg Tikhonov (1,71 %) and Vladimir Chupshev (0,7 %) have appeared obvious outsiders. It is interesting that the mayor has won a victory over Belousovym, the head of Lenin area, even in territory of this area - 71 % against 17,5. On working suburbs rupture has appeared even more.
almost for all candidates Sysuyev`s victory already in the first round became unexpectedness. For example, in Alexander Belousova`s staff is closer by midnight when the first data about voting results in its native area began to arrive, the mood became close to funeral. Nobody expected such result, after all the head of area is rather popular among its inhabitants. Belousov has refused to make comments on results so depressing for it. Other candidate, Oleg Tikhonov, has written off the failure on falsification of elections having declared that a policy will not leave and will stand for a provincial thought.
thus, Samara has shown again conservatism inherent in it and the sceptical relation to opposition. We will remind that in a city, unlike the next regions, both rounds of presidential election were won by Boris Yeltsin. It raises chance of the head of regional administration Konstantin Titov of elections of the governor coming on December, 1st. However for a victory he should struggle with the candidate from enough strong regional organisation of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation which have withdrawn from active participation in ended campaign of elections of the head of city administration. Under some data, communists the proposed candidate in governors of the first secretary obkoma Valentine Romanov`s parties. At the same time apply for an executive power post of the head can and not taken place mayors, whose names after the political strike which has begun still in the spring on hearing at samartsev. On the other hand, the got popularity insufficient for a post of the owner of a city, can suffice them with interest for deputatstva in a provincial thought elections in which should appoint the elite on December, 1st the governor.