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Concert in Petersburg

the Opera on the highest command

the Academic conference Catherine the Great has crowned a concert at Hermitage theatre. The state academic chapel of St.-Petersburg under control of Vladislav Chernushenko has taken a place on a court scene when - that to it belonging, and in 206 years music turns from the historical representation created by Catherine II " again have sounded; Oleg`s Initial management .

the Composition has been finished in 1786, but only in three years and with extreme tshchaniem it began to prepare for statement which has taken place in 1790 - m. According to the author of the project of Maria ShCherbakovoj (it has prepared 200 - the page score for execution, and archival documents - to publication in concert aaplets where they have forced out the habitual summary), this time the empress who was not tired in the plays to teach citizens, has wished them to surprise. What needed the number of music turns much more exceeding usual.
Ekaterina has acted as the author of idea: it writes the warning to representation, the place for music turns is defined, odes of Lomonosov and national texts for choruses are picked up, composers are appointed. A trio which structure included Karlo Kannobio (the leader of the first court orchestra), Vasily Pashkevich (the leader of the second court orchestra) and Juseppe Sarti, it is impossible to name uniform on style. Obviously, it did not confuse Ekaterina. Nevertheless its requirements were rather defined and concerned character of music turns: Domeniko Chimaroza serving at court of Ekaterina, these requirements, according to the empress, has not executed and has been discharged of the composition. Its place was occupied with Juseppe Sarti heading at that time a house chapel of prince Potyomkin.
the reconstruction project at least is represented to a musical part of performance rather curious: it masters till now an empty niche (unlike the western practice, the musical history in Russia still remains a subject of textbooks, without encroaching on concert platforms and a theatrical stage). And the success of the enterprise, appear, was obvious: the concert has crowned a rough ovation. However, differently at Hermitage theatre also does not happen: atmosphere izbrannosti in magnificent, more often the overflowed hall, flowers and solemn speeches strengthen the listener in opinion that it is present at exclusive event. But to musicians, probably, it is not necessary to assimilate Sarti (being it is absolutely convinced that has composed for choruses from Evripida music Absolutely Greek it has presented to listeners a sample modern to it of classicism) and to assure itself(himself) and audience that is standard - an average manner of execution which is equally successfully applied by a chapel both to Mozart, and for Rakhmaninov, could transmit spirit of an epoch of great reign of Ekaterina when governors not only regulated art life decrees and decisions, but directed own creativity.