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The Moscow OMON has returned from the Chechen Republic

Thank God, nobody was lost

From the Chechen war an exit one - again to expose to Chechens of a condition of the ultimatum of Pulikovski. They will not execute it, and then it is necessary to give it Grozny at 24 o`clock. And then let the Swan goes with the peace initiatives. Simply Chechens on - to another will not understand .
So the fighters of the capital OMON who has come back from the Chechen Republic argue. They were met by the family, and also special correspondent SERGEY - the POPLAR.

with returning, children
Buses with OMON fighters have slowly driven through check point gate in the big court yard of base set with birches. Silence was blown up of solar August day by a march - the small wind band has played. Before barracks buses have stopped, and OMON fighters armed cap-a-pie in stripped vests and a camouflage poured out on a parade-ground. The short official report zampolita group of the captain of militia Sergey Evtikova (the commander of group Leonid Dvornikov is wounded a month ago in the person and is in hospital) has ended with words: Losses in staff are not present. 23 fighters are wounded . The accepting official report the chief was extremely short: With returning, children. Now hand over the weapon and ammunition, and in half an hour in a dining room we will mark returning. And then all on houses - to have a rest .

the Summary group of the Moscow OMON has arrived to the Chechen Republic on January, 11th, 1995 right after captures of Grozny fighters of general Rokhlin. Then in group there were 250 persons. Since then through the Chechen Republic has passed about 80 % of staff of group - more than one and a half thousand persons. Everyone 1,5 - 2 months the group staff changed, and about 30 % of the Moscow OMON fighters have visited the Chechen Republic more than once. In total during stay in the Chechen Republic was lost five persons and 67 have got wounds of different severity level. After treatment all have returned to a system.

In half an hour fighters, having handed over the weapon, gather at a dining room. The orchestra plays the Katyusha smoothly passing in Murku . At last call in a dining room. There in the big hall the tables filled with vodka, mineral water, snack are shifted in a semipenalty. The command is distributed: to Pour on twenty five drops . And not to be got - someone adds. The commander once again congratulates the fighters. Informs on staff immediate prospects: two - can be spent three days with families, then obligatory prophylactic medical examination in hospital, then - holiday.
I talk with zampolitom group captain Evtikovym.

group Positions were stormed by group which the criminal
" ordered; Thank God, this time has killed nobody, - the captain speaks, - there were only wounded men. We were based in suburb of Grozny, on territory GUOSH - emergency response centre Central administrative board, now it is called TPU, that is Rear food management.
near to us stood federal and internal troops. They worked as it is necessary: a city smoothed out, insurgents caught. And we protected the warehouses located in territory GUOSH. Fights went continuously. Chechens the first have gone on contact - have sent to us the Russian old man, holding it under a sight. It, shivering, has transferred their offer: they wanted dollars, women .
Evtikov in the Chechen Republic was twice. the First time, in January - February, 1995, was quieter: war was conducted as it is necessary, by rules. And the slaughter-house " has now begun;.
Know, who supervised over storm GUOSH? - The lieutenant colonel of a health service of militia Vladimir Beleshevich (in the Chechen Republic the second time) puts in a ward. - Criminal Said Ataev. It has received for rape, murder and a robbery of 15 years - a maximum that it is possible to receive on ours UK. Sat in the Chechen Republic and, of course, ran. On freedom often changed clothes as the mullah .
While we talk, fighters had time to pour time and again on twenty five drops . Interrupting each other, they hasten to tell to me that have worried in Grozny.

they already are able nothing
Gangsters say that, being at war so much years, they are not able to do anything else any more, - the huge OMON fighter whom all call the foreman speaks. - if it killed five years, it does not become the plowman, the wine-grower or the shepherd. Here war will come to an end - it will go to Tajikistan. To it all the same whom to kill. At them after all other concepts about life. They know one: you should support a family and as it is possible to you, interests nobody. Earn somehow - steal, kill .
OMON fighters are unanimous: will put things in order hard. Who to you has told, what Grozny under control of insurgents? There was no it. To take it under control it is impossible. One-storeyed suburbs of Grozny - Kataljama, Old Sunzha, Chernoreche - smoothly pass in a city. Here if insurgents sat in each house then it would be possible to tell that the city is under their control. But on it and at federal soldiers of forces is not present, not that that at insurgents. At them and reference points - that were not in each quarter. And storm any was not. Pull together armies they could not: all bridges are protected by federal soldiers and who holds the bridge, that and road supervises. Really, they left a city columns. But they got to a city, filtered on one, on two, and how them then to distinguish from civilians? Shows documents - everything is all right, and then comes home and the trunk from a cellar pulls out. Happened also such: fire at us from ruins, and then, having put on white bandages, declare that they civilians. When insurgents you arrest, they are more silent some water: Snuffle in two holes and think only of one: it is banged or not. And know, how they on storm go? Drive before itself women or children. It that, war?
but all why - that repeat our evil deeds, and about Chechens are silent. You that think, they angels? You think, they our wounded man kissed a bum, killed nobody, did not plunder? Even about the Chechen marauders nobody writes. And after all insurgents of the marauders shoot. Only on us what for - that it want to fall down.
such impression that the press is at war on their party as though they to journalists the salary pay. Therefore we do not trust a press. Journalists write: on such - that check points have passed me for a pack of cigarettes. It is delirium. Both with cigarettes, and with the foodstuffs at all of us is perfectly in order - thanks of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs and to Luzhkov. That journalists write about war is a children`s babble .
According to lieutenant colonel Alexander Konstantinova, the group of the Moscow OMON under the schedule should take off from Grozny still on August, 21st. To replace them owed Petersburg OMON. But change has not come, and the group remained on the positions. They were at war still almost week. then for the plane for fuel searched. But anything, nevertheless we have reached, as you can see .
Vodka has come to an end. Conversation comes to an end. OMON fighters have expressed almost all. I ask, when in the Chechen Republic there will be a world.
a peace outcome? - Asks again me not wished to be presented the officer, - yes, it is possible. But a way only one - to allow to deliver to general Pulikovski to insurgents its ultimatum. 48 hours have passed, they have not executed conditions - give to Pulikovski the permission 24 hours to work in Grozny. And after that the Swan with the peace initiatives let arrives. This our general opinion. Fighters leave therefrom with tears in the face of. These are insult tears that have betrayed them. You think, now the world has begun? Yes anything similar. We after all too scanned their radio stations. When at them ammunition came to an end, they spoke: The world is urgently necessary. Sent to us the person, about the world agreed, and then boezapas filled up, and all was started over again. Whence they received ammunition? About it it is necessary to ask scouts. They traced ways on which, probably, and now ammunition to insurgents goes while the Swan with Maskhadov agree .