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The Montreal film festival

On Saturday proceeds Nikita Mikhalkov`s arrival

On number of films and spectators the Montreal festival - the leader on North American continent is expected. As well as it is necessary to class film review And it consists entirely of premieres. But not everyone becomes event.

Works of eminent directors - the Nymph Liny Vertmjuller or Gamsun Yana Troelja - show basically professional respectability. Even Citizen Rut about Turf Loroj - the satire on the American society, overzealous undertaken a problem of abortions, - gives routine. The picture " became a bright stain on the general background; Dzhaja Ganges . The Parisian writer of the Indian origin Vijaj Singh picturized the novel and has made of it the present show. The hero - the intellectual pulls out the dancer from tenacious paws of owners of a brothel and simultaneously searches for traces of the mysterious woman who were in one of the embodiments a muse of Andre Breton. A film it is thin underlines communication between two cultures - the French surrealism and the Indian mysticism.
mysticism it is got and the Shaman - a film of other French director Bartabasa known for the unrestrained imagination. This time it has resulted it to Siberia and has induced to remove in Russian a plot about the fugitive from GULaga to which the spirit of the died Yakut shaman helps to survive.
Russia sits in subconsciousness of the West not less strongly, than India. Also generates the most freakish chimeras - as shown in Montreal korotkometrazhka about condemned man Volkove and supervisor Rodchenko. And in the New Zealand film the Forgotten silver the fear before the Soviet censorship in the name of cultural attache Aleksandry Nevsky becomes a drama of the hero - the film director! However, it, of course, a joke. Peter Jackson has removed a brilliant parody to the opening which were falling down in abundance in anniversary year of cinema. Here and New Zealand has decided to invent the the pioneer of the tenth muse : in 1901 it removed sound and colour films, and its main masterpiece Salomeja only recently has been taken from a non-existence. As Salomei and its author never existed, Jackson had to remove her. the forgotten silver - one of pleasant, as unforeseen, festival opening.
to old residents of the Montreal review the small details speaking about those are evident, as in a stable society there are some changes. Here all less willingly, and at times and with appreciable accent tell on - anglijski, preferring a Quebec variant of French. Russian speech is audible also. Gennady Poloka with Vladimir Motylem under own initiative have spent a press - conference under the motto The nonconformism in cinema Russian is still live . Precisely the nonconformism has resulted to Montreal where it has registered, and the director Anna Chernakovu actively participating in high life with the three-year daughter. And lodgers of hotel the Meridian of evenings outright frightens a kind and a lexicon of group of Russian producers: they express mainly on one - abusive - the language which furious sense is caught without transfer. The culmination of the Russian program is planned for Saturday when will show the Auditor also there will arrive Nikita Mikhalkov. To the director of festival I Annoy Loziku it is not necessary to build potemkinskie villages for it has beforehand built the present. Speak, there, on the farm with horse-breeding centre, it will carry the guest of honour. Quick Russian journalists already had time to visit on this farm on border with Vermont, near to the former refuge of Solzhenitsyna, and tell about inconceivable beauty of the local nature. Other our directors too did not lose time and have visited an American Indian reservation which has on closer examination appeared quite civilised settlement filled by souvenir benches.
the festival comes to an end, and everyone hastens to seize that to it to taste. One - a new cycle Erotic stories the different countries removed by known directors, and a not less elegantly erotic film of the Australian of the Floor of Coke Desire and revenge . Others - giving thrills thrillers of type of Spanish the Thesis . The Same who prefers original, instead of the invented horrors, have received the strongest impression of a picture cross Experience Vladimir Tyulkin`s Kazakh directors and Tarasa Popova. Action occurs in a colony for minors, documentary shootings have been spent polulegalno. At a film from a category of those, having looked which Hitchcock would exclaim: What horror!