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Day of the oil industry worker

the Professional holiday of federal value

On the first Sunday of September was celebrated Day of the worker of the oil and gas industry - one of few remained professional holidays.

LUKOIL has collected all under one roof
this year a role of the general sponsor of official Moscow celebrations with participation of representatives of the government has incurred LUKOIL renting the Columned hall for carrying out of solemn meeting, reception for official visitors and a concert the musical partner the companies - the Big symphonic orchestra under control of Vladimir Fedoseyev.
it is natural that LUKOIL was not limited to one sponsorship. As a matter of fact evening in the Columned hall should become on August, 30th benefit performance for idea of vertically integrated oil companies (VINK) and the companies LUKOIL As one of its most successful embodiments. It is possible to reproach, of course, organizers with a small stretch as an occasion to note success VINK in Russia there was LUKOIL fifth anniversary, and the concern with the same name has been founded in February, 1991. However their plan was to arrange not so much LUKOIL celebration, how many to underline that it is vertically integrated oil company, and all successes of LUKOIL are entirely connected with realisation of this concept of development. It is possible to note, what exactly these days there has passed presentation of the book of the conventional developer of concept VINK of Vahid Alakbarov which, by the way, and is called - vertically integrated oil companies of Russia . By the way, on September, 1st - Vahid Alakbarov`s birthday though on a holiday about it also it was not told.

At all the wedding
Oil industry workers from other companies, having left right LUKOIL to represent concept VINK, the professional holiday in Moscow marked much more modestly. Rosneft and Sidanko rented for the weekend for employees of the central offices river crafts. This fact, by the way, has caused fear in a lobby of solemn meeting (to be exact, in buffet of the Columned hall), as though these river walks have not ended with boarding fight - as it is known, Sidanko again has decided to seize at Rosneft the extracting enterprise Purneftegaz . The next session of arbitration court which, by the way, has rejected the claim " Yesterday has taken place; Sidanko .
the Management of other companies was limited to departure on places, to labour collectives. However, for East oil company it was rather and rather obosnovanno as the branch holiday has coincided with 30 - letiem Tomskneft . Combination of celebrations these days has occurred and in Samara where for Day of the oil industry worker have dated celebrating 60 - letija industrial oil recovery in region though actually it has begun on October, 1st, 1936. (Certainly if not to take into consideration that else at Peter I an oil liquid under the name Kazan black carried from Samara in butts for army needs.) Taken place on Friday at joint-stock company office Samaraneftegaz the solemn meeting of labour collective a little than differed from similar actions still Soviet period. However, the same motive of the vertical integration sounding in the majority of performances has appeared a symbol of changes all. Quite corresponded to it and the awards, which representatives NK YUKOS have handed over to the best Samara oil industry workers - badges from a gold alloy in the form of the emblem of YUKOS decorated with 16 emeralds. In interview the general director of joint-stock company Samaraneftegaz Vasily Davidov also has underlined numerous pluses which were given to the enterprise by occurrence in the company. In particular, the holding helps with the decision of financial problems and search of new projects as the resource base in the Samara region is almost settled. G - n Davidov has noted and semejstvennuju the affinity of the company with branch - with 1950 - go for 1960 the Samara enterprise was headed by Victor Muravlenko, the father of present president NK YUKOS . The holiday has proceeded at the Samara opera and ballet theatre where oil industry workers have thoroughly indulged in nostalgia at Edity Pyekha`s concert. The singer did not begin to hide the creative plans: when the leader has wished it to remain on a scene as early as 20 years, the legend of the Soviet platform has told that will be limited to five. If the Moscow oil industry workers, without arranging, celebrated the holiday on the Moskva River Samara a sin would be not to arrange a heat across Volga. It also has taken place on Saturday by the steam-ship Estonia . As a whole celebrations have passed enough raskovanno that, under the statement of some sceptics, was promoted by Sergey Muravlenko`s known for the strict rules absence. Now the president is in holiday.

Gazprom Much more active will not lag behind LUKOIL
this year, than earlier, participation in festivals has accepted Gazprom . First of all it is possible to explain it occurrence of the new Minister of Fuel and Energy. gazovik Peter Rodionov has answered propagation of progressive concept VINK with the statement that the Russian Open Society and in a present kind is one of the most market Russian structures. So matter is not in the organisation. Inspired with occurrence the person in the ministry, Gazprom apparently, has left idea to organise separate Day gazovika, dated for an anniversary of start-up of a gas pipeline Saratov - Moscow. There is an information that next year Gazprom it intend to be connected to the organisation all - taki a joint holiday and, probably, to act as its general sponsor. Thus, there is every chance that Day of the worker of the oil and gas industry becomes again an interbranch holiday.