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Investors of Sibtorgbanka are nervous

Investors were frightened of acting administration

Recent appointment in Sibtorgbanke acting administration has been painfully apprehended by its investors. They have immediately called general meeting on which have published the payment plan. It is remarkable that this plan almost coincides with offers which are considered now by acting administration.

not become for anybody unexpectedness acting administration appointment, nevertheless, has extremely raised investors of bank in Sibtorgbanke. We will remind that Sibtorgbank has run into debt more than 100 mlrd roubles to 45 thousand investors. The united investors are powerful enough public organisation from which it is necessary to be considered both to bank, and local authorities. Recently the bank and movement of investors after long negotiations have come, at last, to the consent in a question on the schedule of repayment of contributions. And here they were overtaken by blow on the other hand.
according to committee-men of creditors - investors of bank, with appointment of acting administration the question on payments has again appeared in a hover. The matter is that on an acting administration operating time (till November, 1st) Sibtorgbanku are forbidden any operations. And in such situation to liquidate debts bank not can.
the active workers of social movement of investors of the Novosibirsk region anxious by such position led by Igor Aristov and committee of creditors - investors of bank have called general meeting in the end of last week. There the plan of delivery of contributions on which Sibtorgbanku till the end of 1996 it is necessary to pay off debts on 50 mlrd roubles has been sounded. Remained 60 mlrd roubles it is offered to transfer in created for return of debts share fund. Social movement of investors, committee of creditors of investors and Sibtorgbank should become its founders, according to the head of movement of investors Igor Aristov.
It is remarkable that the idea of creation of share fund which would incur repayment of debts of Sibtorgbanka before private investors, belongs to the chairman of bank Evgenie Koluge. It is a plan part on stabilisation of activity of bank which is already left to acting administration. It is supposed that for maintenance of activity of fund all real estate and the actives belonging to bank will be used. In city boundaries and area real estate cost, under the information, is estimated in 35 - 40 mlrd roubles. Constituent documents of fund will be ready within the next few days. However, it is not known, whether acting administration Sibtorgbanka will support this idea.