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The world in the Chechen Republic

Principles of definition of bases of mutual relations between Russia and the Chechen Republic

Not later than October, 1st, 1996 the incorporated commission from representatives of authorities of the Russian Federation and CHR which term of activity will be defined under the mutual arrangement will be generated. Into its problem enter control of execution of the decree of the president of the Russian Federation from June, 25th, 1996 #985 and preparation of offers on end of a withdrawal of troops; preparation of the co-ordinated actions for struggle against criminality, terrorism and displays national both religious hostility and control over their execution; preparation of offers on restoration currency - financial and budgetary mutual relations . The legislation of the Chechen Republic should be based On observance of human rights and the citizen, the right of the people to self-determination, principles of equality of the people, maintenance of the civil world, the international consent and safety living in territory of republic of citizens, irrespective of a national identity, religion and other distinctions .
On the basis of these principles of mutual relations the further negotiating process will be under construction. In the party joint statement recognise inadmissibility of application of the armed force or threat of its application at the decision of questions at issue and confirm that start with the conventional right of the people to self-determination, principles of equality, voluntariness and freedom of will, strengthening of the international consent and safety of the people .