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On football

the Russian football players begin a World championship elimination match with a victory

On Sunday the first matches of a selection cycle of the World championship on football of 1998 have been played. Russian national team in Moscow at stadium the Dynamo with the account 4:0 has won against a command of Cyprus.

the Account has opened on 7 - j to minute Yury Nikiforov. On 34 - j to minute it became the co-author of the second goal: having received from Nikiforova the verified transfer, Igor Kolyvanov has rushed in penal visitors and has precisely punched a bottom in a distant corner from the goalkeeper. In the beginning of the second time the central defender of Russians again has caused a stir: after draw penal it of metres with 25 strongest blow has sent a ball in the nine . Unique possibility for a capture of gate at Cypriotes was on 61 - j to minute, however Sinisha Gogich could not change Stanislav Cherchesova. The point in a match was put by Vladimir Beschastnyh who has finished on 82 - j to minute of an abacus to 4:0.
It there was a first official match of Russian national team under the direction of Boris Ignatyev. It is pleasant that the command has spent it well. However, the contender was frankly weak. On poslematchevoj a press - conferences Ignatyev has told: I am satisfied by result as at existing rules we need to hammer in as much as possible goals .
the Main contender of Russian national team on selection group the national team of Bulgaria has lost on a visit to a command of Israel with the account 1:2. In the ninth group the command of Luxembourg which was free from games acts also.