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New appointment in Bank of Russia

Egorov has entered into a management of the Central bank

Yesterday a press - the centre of Bank of Russia has informed that the order of the chairman of the Central Bank Sergey Dubinin the assistant to the general director of the Moscow interbank currency stock exchange Nikolay Egors is appointed by the vice-president of the Central Bank. It is entrusted to it kuratorstvo it is information - technical departments of bank.

Nikolay Egors - not the new person for tsentrobankovskoj systems. With 1991 - go for 1992 it was the leading expert of the centre of carrying out of interbank currency transactions of the State Bank of the USSR. Then it has passed to work on the Moscow interbank currency stock exchange where occupied posts of the chief of department of information, the technical director, and then - the assistant to the general director of the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange. In Bank of Russia Egorov should supervise it is information - technical departments. Earlier two vice-presidents were engaged in it: Igor Dubrovo (questions of information, development of payment systems and electronic databanks) and Michael Senatorov (telecommunications and satellite communication).
it is curious that along with Rinatom Setdikovym (hozu, building, is material - technical supply) Dubrovo and Senators have not got to number 12 of councillors of directors of Bank of Russia. Then experts have assumed that Sergey Dubinin has not considered expedient to enter heads administratively - technical divisions into structure of the board of directors, called to make the most important decisions of the Central Bank. But here also one more explanation of that decision of Dubinin now arises: it is not excluded that all is information - technical questions will pass in conducting one vice-president.
partly this version has already received acknowledgement: Michael Senatorov is released from duties of the vice-president. It is not excluded that Igor Dubrovo`s status (now Dubrovo is in holiday) will change also. However, behind Michael Senatorova`s demotion can stand and other reasons.
for a long time already in the financial market it is rumored that association VISA Int. Has made to Michael Senatorovu the proposal to head project VISA Russia. This project assumes conducting rouble calculations on the international cards VISA in territory of Russia through the International Moscow bank. The disapproval of the Central Bank of idea of National system of payment cards (NSPK) became the indirect demonstration of it. As wrote, creation of this system which was developed by group of experts in the Central Bank on EU money, would mean occurrence rather the strong contender at VISA and Europay in the Russian market. Destiny NSPK has been solved in the end of June of current year when on its official presentation Michael Senatorov the project has not supported. However as project VISA Russia does not assume formation of the legal person, there will be no also an official head so to pass in general - that there is no place.
In interview Michael Senatorov has denied these hearings. As he said, it carries out interaction with system VISA on the instructions of Sergey Dubinin. Having lost a post of the vice-president, it remains the director of department of telecommunication and satellite communication. now in bank there is a re-structuring of this bush and it is expedient to charge its management to one person. Egorov - a nominee approaching for it, it works for a long time both with Dubinin, and with Aleksashenko. It creates good system at a stock exchange - Michael Senatorov has underlined.