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The reporting from military academy

Militarism in style avant-guard

messages on joint doctrines of armed forces of the Baltic republics with this or that western army or with each other Recently are rather frequent. It is not less often audible about territorial claims of Balts to Russia, and even to each other. Just right to be frightened to splash in the Baltic militarism. However, in life as it could be convinced personally the correspondent, all looks in a civilised way and even with elements of an art decor. It is more difficult to understand that it actually decorates.

nation Elite will grow up in comfortable barracks
In Soviet period about patriotic education in army thought very strong. And, for example, for preparation of political leaders of a construction battalion have erected the whole complex in one of the most luxurious areas of the big Tallinn, among an architectural delicacy and natural beauty of Pirita - the Goat. However, why - that under the southern Simferopol project, that is in buildings in the winter rather cold. This inheritance has got - together with understanding of importance of business of patriotic education of the nation - to independent Estonians. At the former school of education of political workers for building armies Estonian academy of national defence and civil service has taken place.
the first that is evident in an office of the chancellor of academy - a beautiful composition from white colours. And the way to an office lies through mini - the gallery which walls - as well as all educational case - decorate pictures in style avant-guard. The chief of military school (that is faculty) major Jaak Haud underlines: Yes, we do an emphasis on humanitarian disciplines and aesthetic education . That is in the officer all should be fine... Some foreign languages, philosophy, psychology, dialogue art, ethics, artistic club, a wind band and so on. Even traced on - Latin the motto on the academy arms calls more likely to to humanitarian belief than to power methods: the Word or business . Probably, the spirit of political workers nevertheless soars in these walls.
despite vacation, cadets in a campus was much. It was possible So to communicate. More everything as it was found out, cadets love ballroom dances and diplomatic etiquette. From foreign languages of 85 % of listeners of academy choose English, the NATO working language, 15 % - German (a tribute to that Estonian crone is adhered to the German mark). Russian is obligatory for all. Because - it is necessary. Expediency in all. Therefore also the teaching staff has turned out motley. Chancellor Charles Aruzoo - the scientist - the economist; the teacher of military history Rhine Helme - the former chairman of committee on parliament defence; the chief of school Haud - the former major of the Soviet army, is no time protected a warehouse of nuclear ammunition in the Western group of armies. There is still absolutely elderly colonel about whom the legend goes: marshal Zhukov has supposedly chosen it directly from crowd of captured German officers, has put on the Soviet epaulets and has sent to neutralise German mines. That is if it is necessary for business, take all. The problem - to revive prestige of the officer to level of pre-war Estonia. Have let out 127 officers this summer, and have typed to study - 240.
To me have presented eternal the calendar - in it all possible combinations of numbers and days of week for any year, is enough to open the necessary page only. Purely army, universal invention. Army also because the most valuable in it - a collection of portraits of Estonian generals and admirals of times of the First republic. Which was only 26. There and Johan Lajdoner ordering Estonian army in 1919 - 20 and at war against Red army. In the Big Soviet encyclopaedia about it it is told that it has made fascist revolution in 1934.
Now Estonia still does not have generals (the commander of incorporated armed forces - in a rank of the colonel), but general epaulets already are. The academy also urged to bring up new military elite which will put on in due course general epaulets. But not only. The main idea, explains Rhine to Helme - to prepare competent officials. Estonian society small. Everywhere - from the theatrical premiere to a diplomatic reception - the same persons. If they will be rallied by traditions of one alma mater it will strengthen the nation. Besides new fathers of the nation are afraid of a pressure Estonian Russian which in good sense are more aggressive, adapt faster, intercept the initiative. Chancellor Aruzoo also does not hide: graduates of academy should provide Estonian pressure in a society. Therefore 7 faculties of academy prepare shots for all civil services providing national safety - police and passport offices, league of defence and army, fire and boundary parts. The most popular faculty - customs. Here only it is not enough interested persons to work as prison tutors.

the doctrine of humanitarian defence
G - n Haud insists that Estonians in a shower - not military men, and the military policy of republic is under construction on the defence concept. Therefore and armed forces - with a humanitarian bias also are called as forces of defence. It is supposed that on the sample of Finland and Switzerland they will be engaged first of all safety for the person - struggle against contraband, criminality, emergency situations. Maintenance of such safety in the future as it is planned, will demand about 20 thousand persons, and 6 thousand - with higher education. While in armed forces of only 446 officers.
As for a reference point the Finnish model is taken, in army the Finnish instructors work, and the Finnish colonel will be the pro-rector of academy by a military part from this year. But questions of patriotic preparation invariably are present at all military - political documents and practical recommendations. So fine arts the turn, and patriotism - the. All cadets are checked up in the area of police and investigation. Not less rigid check on alcoholism. For this purpose arrange discos with proverochno - a pedagogical bias. Noticed in abusing ruthlessly expel.
all graduates of academy receive a military rank of reserve officers. Therefore the daily daily routine is militarised. Cadets wear the uniform, salute at a meeting, pass practice of military service and can leave a campus only in the discharge. Girls - cadets too live in barracks. However problems in intersexual relations are not present. And to arise it it is difficult - all very much with concentration bring up the mind and body. To walk on a campus even it is pleasant. There live cadets in rooms on 2 - 3 persons. On each floor - a sauna, a shower, rest rooms. Well equipped medical centre. It was remembered, how it was possible to visit the former Soviet educational centre of nuclear submarines where works on its transfer to Estonian party came to the end in Paldiski last August. The Soviet officer elite, preparing to work with nuclear reactors on submarines, went on the corridors, smeared terrifying colour an oil paint, and lived in inconceivable chetyrehetazhkah from blocks carelessly stuck together by black pitch. From pictures there were only Lenin`s portraits. Probably, was considered that the aesthetic beginning - a hindrance to fighting spirit...