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Lukashenko the President copies the constitution

will have the right

on August, 31st in the Belarus press was the constitution project is published, which president Alexander Lukashenko intends to take out for national discussion on November, 7th. The project this Lukashenko is pleasant, for he and has thought up it. And the main innovation - transfer to the president of the overwhelming majority of the rights of parliament and the government and prolongation of powers of Lukashenko till 2000. The experts who have analysed the project are convinced that in brief this variant of the constitution can be characterised three words: the President has the right .

It is a question not of amendments, and about a basic change of all structure of the government and repartition of powers between branches of the power in favour of the president. Not law as it is accepted at the majority of the countries of the world, and the right became the main criterion of justice in the new constitution: In Byelorussia the principle of leadership of the right " is established;. What right? Who possesses the rights? The president. And what rights! The right to publish the decrees which are valid laws, the right to appoint referenda and to sign their results (now this right is fixed to parliament), the right to appoint half of structure of the Central Electoral Commission and judges of the Constitutional court led by the chairman (also the deputy right), the right to enter state of emergency to postpone or stop strikes.
Will concern reform and parliament. No, it, of course, remains. But there are two-chamber, operating four years. The House of Representatives (bottom) will be selected direct vote, and the senate (top) becomes a certain similarity of the Russian Council of federation. But third of senators of Lukashenko will appoint itself. Certainly, and the rights at the senate will be more, than at national representatives: Senators will select nominees on second half of judges of the Constitutional court and members of the Central Electoral Commission (the first, we will remind, the president forms). And Lukashenko has taken care of how to make work of the deputy not too strained: both chambers will gather only on two sessions in a year - in 80 and 90 days accordingly. Extraordinary sessions can be appointed only decrees of the president.
the president under the new constitution has leadership over parliament: Lukashenko`s messages to VS will be (better even to tell - should in the project and it is told) to listen with delight without discussion. And in a case if the parliament will oppose the presidential decision (for example, the offered Lukashenko`s nominee of the prime minister) it will be dismissed. In the project about it it is clearly told: Powers of the House of Representatives can be ahead of schedule stopped at refusal in trust to the government, expression of a vote of no confidence to the government or two-multiple refusal in consent on appointment of the prime minister .
In the constitution project there was also such formation new to Belarus, as the Committee of the state control called to carry out control over wide spheres of the state activity . Certainly, formation of structure of committee and its further work pass under a sensitive management of the president. However, the competence, an order of activity and the committee right of the project are not detailed.
by the way, having published in mass-media the constitution project, the president`s team seriously undertook journalists. In particular, not to admit excessive display of free-thinking in the course of project discussion, in the end of the last week the independent radio station " has been closed; Radio 101,2 and also As a result of tax check the newspaper bank account " is arrested; Freedom .